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It might hard to realize the advancement of digital payment, especially easy payment gateway from mobile, but the future of transaction is already spreading its roots all over the market. With the modernization of wearable technology, one of the latest customer-based innovative technology is almost enable invisible payments as now you can pay your coffee bill through your smartwatch. 

Wearable App Development Company

iWatch app development companies are rushing towards reaching a milestone of the most innovative utility device. One report states that smart wearables, smartwatches, and smart shoes will drastically spread their trade in the upcoming years till 2023 by developing an annual approx value of $30. Here we mentioned the key factors in following that nowadays donating to the emergence of wearables. 

1Enhance Interest in Smart Technology

The latest report claimed that more than 16% of youngsters have their own smartwatch and the entire youth generation is now crazy about smart gadgets. The list of wearable gadgets is gradually growing to the high.  

One of the smartest features of wearables is its tracking ability that helps the users to aware of their fitness and health in the long run time. With the help of these wearable gadgets, users can set their daily productivity goals, fitness goals, and they can also connect data from the smartphone for monitoring. In fact, you can apply these smart wearables for home appliances automation. iOS app development companies launching various features in wearable technology where you can change the manual settings of your home cameras operate smart TVs and also can enable voice commands.   

2Promoting Contactless Payment

In the transaction industry, a new renaissance is going to happen with the new tagline ‘Tap, Pay, go’. Recently adopted this trend getting hype among Americans. In New York City, the all-new payment method OMNY has achieved 10,700 taps on the very first week. Users are pursuing a new habit of a contactless lifestyle. Several banks have also participated in this change and promoting the contactless revolution. After the Coronavirus pandemic, Bank of America has reissuing 4 million cards with an upgraded NFC tool. 

According to the report of Berg Insight’s NFC, an estimation has been done that 88% of North American and 90% of European terminals have enabled the NFC system. Hence, it is clear to all that people who like contactless payment systems can often get this feature available. This particular frame mindset encourages people to grab the opportunity of contactless payment, and even the users are enjoying this method as they responding positively to use virtual payment IDs to pay including wearable.    

3Innovative Wearable Technologies

Perhaps the most positive side of  wearable technology is its variety that most of the iWatch app development companies offering. Applications that initially come to the users’ mind are fitness tracker, smartwatch for monitoring productivity level, but innovations are appearing to provide furthermore than general expectation. It is significantly build to deliver customers’ demand and fashionable to wear. Wearable gadgets such as rings or bracelets offer a careful and updated look to grab users’ appeal. In fact, for non-jewelry solutions, AI-enabled payment key fobs come to market for a handy option to the consumers. 

Even, more vendors participated in this wearable movement and serving immensely dynamic wearable alternatives like the world’s first-ever contact less jacket has been invented by Barclays. 

In the end, we can come to the point that a revolution is taking place in smart technology invention, where wearable devices are serving a major contribution by its latest discoveries.


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Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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