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It is being reported that South Korea’s first virtual influencer, Rozy is estimated to fetch its owners more that ₹6 crore this year. The income is more than what most of the real humans make from their jobs. What are virtual influencers? They are fake people or fictional computer-generated characters, like Rozy, who is not a real person. Rozy may not be a real, physical person, but she is an emerging social media personality of the country. She is touted to have 8 exclusive contracts as well as over 100 sponsorships. To recall, she had joined the world pretending to be a real 22-year-old woman in December 2020. Unlike real humans, she will never age. Virtual influencers seem to be on the cusp of going mainstream.

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The virtual influencers have been propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now already overtaking real social media influencers and earning in crores. Moreover, brands are also spending on them with advertising money on campaigns. These virtual influencers are powered by artificial intelligence and are created by third party now set beauty standards for their customers. They are tantrum-free models. Hence, proving more cost-effective for brands compared to human counterparts.

Rozy, like other, virtual influencers, is a computer graphic

How are virtual influencers humanized?

The virtual influencers are computer graphics created via precise mathematical modelling to manipulate curves and surfaces and sculpt figures. The design emphasizes visual quality. They are constructed using vast amounts of data on human appearance and what structures attract more people.

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