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One of the largest communication technology brands Verizon is remembering 2.5 million hotspot devices after getting burned due to the overheating of lithium-ion battery. The recall affects Franklin Wireless Crop’s imported mobile hotspots of Ellipsis Jetpack and sold within 2017 April to March 2021. Those impacted models are marked as MHS900LS, MHS900L, and MHS900LPP. 

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On Thursday, Verizon revealed the recall along with an official notice given by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A spokesperson of Verizon just said more than 1 million recalled devices are using currently, which means it has been recently used. 

2.5 Million Hotspot Devices Gone Through Fire Hazard, Verizon Recalls 1

CPSC’s posted a recent recall notice, Verizon had pursued 15 official reports that reflect hotspots overheating process. Among all 15 reports, 6 have been remarked as fire damage incident to flooring or bedding and two minor burn injuries also involved.  

This recall happens in the meantime while more customers have faith in hotspots to manage stay-at-home during the pandemic situation. Some of those hotspots were delivered to school students to learn remotely, according to the report of the recall notice. Parents who adopted hotspots of their children’s schools are suggested to communicate with schools for receiving a substitution. 

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A software update has already been by Verizon to empower hotspots that will reduce the overheating chances said by the company. This updation restricts the hotspot from charging at the time of the power supply. Verizon also provided tricks to avoid all overheating, including turning devices off while they are being unused, putting them on a solid flat surface.

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