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Twitter stated all-new labeling tweets will release that intercept misleading incorrect information about the vaccine of Corona Virus. Eventually, a strike system will interpret to eliminate accounts that continuously break the rules. Twitter said that it has begun using a human reviewing system to analyze whether it defies its scheme against Corona Virus vaccine misinformation. However, it indicates that this working process will be done by a combination of automation and humans.

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In December, a couple of misinformation related to COVID-19 has banned by Twitter, such as fake rumors about stop spreading the tendency of the virus, infection risk, and death. With the usage of the strike system, Twitter has promised to educate humans on how and why some topic breaks the rules so they got the scope to further allow their effect on the public conversation along with considering their behavior. 

People who are with one violation or strike will not see any action. If there are two strikes applied repeatedly then the account will be locked for 12 hours. Five or more five strikes will permanently block the account from Twitter. Facebook also has stepped out to reform its privacy policy along with restricts the misinformation about the most awaited vaccine. It has declared a policy extension in the previous month that included not only the COVID-19 vaccine but all vaccines. 

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It has not been confirmed yet by the San Fransisco-based Twitter about its plan to include new policies regarding larger anti-vax misinformation. 


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