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Twitter has recently announced that it is working on a new feature update that will be shown to users before indulging into any conversation. This feature will warn users that a conversation may be intense or “heated”. The company is currently TESTING THIS FEATURE ON BOTH Android and iOS. The company said that it is an attempt to better support healthy conversations on the platform.

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Today, when most of the microblogging platforms are affected by harassment and abuse, providing such features will surely prove to be of great value for users to present their views on different topics without indulging into controversies. Twitter shared a photo of the feature in action where a tweet is shown with multiple quoted replies under it. This is an example of a tweet that might have received argumentative replies.

The company is currently testing this feature on Android & iOS

It showed a new prompt saying, “Heads Up” followed by “conversations like this can be intense”. The service might consider the topic of the tweet and the relationship between the tweet author and the person who is replying to it.

Twitter also resented a pop-up card that shows a similar sample tweet telling users, “Remember the human”, “facts matter”, and “diverse perspectives have value”. It contains a link to the Twitter rules with a button titled “count me in”. However, it is still not clear that whether this prompt shows up when users click the reply button or when they tap the previous blue prompt.

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