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According to global research firm Mckinsey, Indonesia is considered to be the fastest growing emerging markets at a global level. The factor which triggered the most is the developing middle class that is gaining more and more disposable income on average every year. As per Indonesiaexpat Indonesia’s economy is gradually emerging to be the world’s seventh largest till the end of the year 2030 from the 16th rank.

Although technology is transforming the landscape of all industries where tourism is no longer exception which has further elucidated the fact with the data supported recent survey by eMarketer where travel based mobile app is considered to be the seventh most-developed app category where more than 60% smartphone users are utilizing travel apps while planning trips outside. Left those days when travelers were entirely relied on travel agents in order to make travel arrangements. Hence the travel and tourism mobile app supporting all its users, irrespective to be a business traveler or leisure travel with travelling planning or identifying best travel agents/guides, it encompasses from booking tickets, travel updates, route mapping, oversees banking and so forth.

Reasons why travel apps have become so popular:

Advent of smartphones and tablets

Advent of smartphones and tablets

Since mobile companies have come up with smartphone, tablets and other smart devices owning to the growing competition as well as demand, it has really been supported as a convenience as far as travelling needs are concerned, with more and more people are downloading the travel app. Gone those days of brick and mortar travel offices, leaflets, guidebooks and compass with the advent of fully-featured mobile apps which are accessible to travelers at any time and sitting any part of the globe.

Mobile phones have proved to enhance travelling experience

Travelers more likely be using travelling apps as a medium as far as online ticketing, getting destination details, hotel booking, food outlets as well as locating local attractions are concerned with ultimate motive of exploring new destinations, finding valuable reviews about the destination the user is planning to visit followed by sharing pictures posting feedbacks on airline, destination, event or hotel. Some apps like Wikitude share the latest information in an amusing way considering the building as well as monuments you are intending to visit. It even brings it into the use of smartphone camera in order to place respective places as well as content even on top off the screen.

Apps are considered to be the powerful marketing tools

Apps are considered to be the powerful marketing tools

Travelling apps have successfully improved not only the visibility but presence in the competitive travel industry. It has been observed that companies are now complying with the fundamental mantra i.e. SoLoMo trend by utilising , social, media as well as local platform with the ultimate motive to connect the users in order to optimise the return of investment. Just a single click it can race miles ahead in the competition in order to extend millions of users by mobile apps.

Apps have identified to be direct channel from the round the clock to the round the globe

The way mobile apps are invading, it has been the most versatile way to connect the users with before, during and after the travel. It analyses browsing history on the app, which helps to identify the interests, needs as well as expectations in order to get the better understanding of its customers by a travel company. With the customised holiday packages offered by the company according to his or her budget as well as requirements which would prove to be an aid in the marketing campaign in the near future. Apart from the campaign, feedback as well as suggestion in order to avoid negative publicity as well as developing intimate relationship with the customers. Fluper believes this to be the trusted source of information considering the prospective travellers.

Tourism is moulding it to be an e-commerce trend

In the year 2012, approximately 40 percent of the web users has preferred to purchase goods as well as services online on the other hand travel and hospitality transactions are expected to contribute approximately 15 percent of the global ecommerce revenue.  Since there is no sign to decline, hence US travel agencies is expected to reach the point of $7 billion by the end of the year 2020 as per

Future of travelling apps:

Augmented Reality Tourism apps

As far as Augmented Reality is concerned, this technology is revolutionising like anything which has enabled the traveler’s experience not only seamless, but simple and interactive. From layering digital enhancement over the real life scenario or existing reality, it has taken the tourism sector to a point from booking the hotel, accessing information, translation written or verbal conversations, and navigating around the scenario, it has enabled all these services with the help of an app on the mobile devices.  

Wearable apps for tourism

Wearable apps for tourism

Wearable technology has enlisted in UX trends in 2016. Although over 30 percent of the American are already exposed to the wearable gadgets on somehow considering them to buy. Although the industry has been dominated by the tourism and hospitality apart from healthcare in order to get the great sales as well as direct feedback. For instance, Triposo travel belt help the users to identify the tourist attractions as well as destinations even through the unfamiliar cities in order to connect with the smartphones by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Apple Tv travel apps

It seamlessly head start the trip together encompassing from city guides or accommodating and flight information. Since AppleTV offers unlimited access from the video content to all over the web. Analogously major media which includes YouTube and BBC which have been fully-screen designed application in order to speak for itself.

Apple Tv travel apps

Although this service is new, but going the tourism ecosystem in order to trigger its utilisation for users. Hence this is the responsibility of mobile app Development Company in order to stay abreast with the innovations taking place in the technological domain.

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