Mobile technology has taken the digital market to an altogether different level, offering unending opportunities for the mobile app development companies to explore. With the latest advancements attained in modern technology ranging from IoT to Augmented and Virtual one along with many others, the year 2017 has been quite eventful so far. Few inventions have emerged as winners, taking the business sector by storm few of which are worth mentioning here especially blockchain technology, machine learning, and connected devices. As we round up to bid farewell to the year 2017, there are certain factors that display huge possibility of dominating the market in the recent future.

The best mobile application development companies need to organize their strategies wisely so as to promptly grasp the opportunities thrown at them to exploit and monetize. But obviously, there must be some sort of predictive analysis to offer an insight into the future turn of events, thus penning down a few digital marketing technology that is likely to trend the market of 2018.

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Let’s begin with:

  • IoT will rule the show- More demand for interconnected devices has raised the bar for an internet of things which has just entered the market in 2017 and we are likely to see more of it in the following year.

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  • Blockchain will gain wide acceptance- Bitcoin has already made its place in the stock market and we do expect blockchain technology to rule the market in the New Year. It is likely the financial sector is going to be the first in opting this technology but the other sectors will follow suit.

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  • Artificial Intelligence is likely to display more- Even though virtual assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s SIRI has already entered the market and has almost reached the saturation point but it does offer enough potentiality for the enterprise mobile app development process especially in rendering quality customer service using AI empowered Chatbots. In this sector, AI is still in its infancy and we can expect them to expand in the coming year.


  • Personalized content marketing will gain more attention- Content marketing with a personalized touch, in the form of blogs and contents create awareness which directly targets the perception of different buyers to fit individual customer’s needs and requirements.


  • Social media and video marketing platform are the major targets- Both the social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp as well as videos uploaded to YouTube plays a key role in brand promotion reaching the maximum viewers since most of the users spent their time on such sites. Moreover, videos tend to influence a customer’s purchase behavior more compared to text.


  • Increased dependency on Big Data- Digital marketing agency make use of Big Data to define marketing strategies yet the complex and the volume of such data, at times, hampers the process. Hence there is high demand for proper data management system within the company’s mobile app development And since personalized service to the consumers has been more stressed, the accessibility to big data on the prospective customers is crucial which is likely to gain more attention in 2018.


  • More integration for strong platform- Open and integrated platforms are flexible and easily adaptable to ensure the good working partnership between companies and their integrated vendors. The open platform with strong integration offers a perfect marketing tool which is going to be more prevalent in the year 2018.


  • In-store marketing- Retail outlets often make use of iBeacons and their mCommerce mobile apps to push notifications to the customers’ mobile phones as soon as they step into the store feeding them with offers, coupons and or items available on sale. The suggestions are based on the consumers’ purchase history increasing their time spend inside the store.

Time to wrap up

It is the time when innovation is given more priority than a mere and ordinary app development service since acquiring visibility in the app stores has become gradually a challenging task to accomplish for the top mobile application development companies. The success of a developer rests on his/her ability to adapt the changing market trends and willingness to experiment to defy age-old conventional methods. The mentioned trends as predicted in the content will at least aid the dedicated mobile app developer hired to strategize accordingly so as not to miss out any opportunity to monetize from them.

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