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Top Mobile Ad Networks 2022
Top Mobile Ad Networks 2022

The mobile advertising industry works on similar dynamics as demand and supply. Where on one side there are publishers, the other side consists of advertisers. Mobile publishers use in-app advertising for mobile app monetization and whereas advertisers use it to achieve various goals. In this case, a mobile advertiser may want to acquire quality users, upsell products or convert the other way around.

Mobile publishers need powerful ad networks to enable mobile app monetization at ease. Similarly, advertisers need such platforms to run in-app advertising campaigns and manage ads at their fingertips.

Ad Networks act no less than a bridge between mobile app publishers and advertisers. Where one side generates ad requests one after another, the other side answers them by supplying quality ads. Ad Networks with their powerful features have changed the face of in-app advertising by making it simple, quick and easy. The platforms keep updating and bringing the best to the table with improved performance. But not all ad networks offer the same set of features and convenience for mobile publishers and advertisers.

Here is a list of mobile ad networks that have outperformed in 2021 and can be trusted for optimal in-app advertising in 2022.


If you ask mobile publishers and advertisers about mobile ad networks, AdMob is definitely the first name that they will share. The pioneer in the industry, AdMob picked up pace after it was successfully acquired by Google in 2009. This mobile ad network has been generating the best results, offering in-app advertising possibilities in the perfect manner.

AdMob simplifies the ad operations by providing in-depth analytics and actionable insights. The Ad Network serves powerful ads globally with smart segmentation and automated tools assistance. AdMob offers a list of creative ad formats that help advertisers achieve multiple campaign goals.

The AdMob mediation connects publishers with the top paying ad networks that guarantee the highest fill rates for monetization. Similarly, the ad network also offers real-time ad bidding that enables advertisers to bid per impression. This means more revenue on every impression.

On the other hand, AdMob lets advertisers monitor ad performance and engagement rates by using its comprehensive analytics dashboards.


The ironSource Ad Network provides exceptional user experience by maintaining complete transparency of ad spend and performance. The platform empowers advertisers with complete control of ad units, visibility and placement. ironSource turns mobile apps into scalable businesses by fostering app growth and user acquisition at ease. The Ad Network offers a wide range of creative mobile ad units that add life to your campaigns. Along with greater ads management and strong control, ironSource lets publishers analyze churn rates to comprehend performance.

ironSource makes both monetization and user acquisition simple and quick for mobile publishers and advertisers.

Max by Applovin

Max by Applovin ensures greater transparency by providing real-time data insights at every stage of monetization and in-app advertising. Max caters to a massive database of mobile users that add value to its in-app advertising campaigns. The advanced algorithm of Max enables advertisers to fetch lookalike audiences at just one click. Besides, Max allows advertisers to the geo-targeted audiences to serve localized ads at the right time.

The ad network has lifetime value reporting enabled which lets advertisers understand and optimize performance better. Max offers a set of dynamic ad units along with an ad review feature that lets advertisers understand ads in a better way.

For monetization, Max by Applovin lets advertisers bid in real-time. This feature of in-app bidding lets publishers earn the best revenue on each impression. The cohort reporting for monetization adds value to the data transparency offered by Max.


Unity the Ad Network only offers mobile game monetization and in-app advertising for mobile games. The platform offers in-depth analytics for unified auction and mediation. The publishers get to enjoy greater in-app revenue with mediation from the top highest paying ad networks all at once. Besides, a unified auction enables guaranteed greater revenue on each impression. Unity supports a simple and easy to use dashboard which adds to the user experience. Moreover, the lightweight easy to integrate SDK of Unity makes monetization hassle-free for mobile publishers.

Unity for advertisers offers multiple ad formats that make in-app advertising campaigns efficient and scalable.


Chartboost is a dynamic Mobile Ad Network that scales business for both games and apps. Its comprehensive dashboard displays live reporting of ad placement insights and ad spending analytics. The ad network offers real-time audience-based buying alongside quality paying acquisitions. This feature makes Chartboost in-app advertising much more powerful.

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Flexbid by Chartboost on the same side enables advanced targeting of the audience that helps advertisers make the most out of their campaigns. The platform gives users complete control of ad placement and optimization with high-quality ads to be used for both monetization and advertising. Besides, Chartboost runs an influence program that allows app publishers to advertise their apps beyond app inventory, on social media and more.


ConsoliAds is an ads management platform that focuses on mobile app growth. The platform is a one-stop solution for mobile app publishers and advertisers from around the globe. Its optimal user experience and around the clock support makes the platform stand out among the rest. Moreover, the lightweight easy to integrated SDK is the user’s favourite.

ConsoliAds for mobile app monetization offers mediation by connecting mobile apps to the top ad networks with just one SDK. The platform ensures over 95% fill rate with greater eCPMs and control with optimal monetization. The platform enables in-app revenue growth by offering show rate optimization and complete control for optimization.

ConsoliAds for advertising allows mobile apps, brands and non-brand advertisers to successfully run campaigns in an inventory on over 15000 mobile apps. The platform offers innovative ad formats including the exclusive icon and Immersive AdsTMthat enable greater conversions. ConsoliAds caters to advertisers’ needs by allowing them to choose from four powerful campaigns. From network advertising, cross-promotion, in-app purchase to in-app features, advertisers have multiple options to cater to their goals. The ConsoliAds, Appographics let advertisers target audiences based on gender, age, behaviours, location and more.

The platform brings real-time analytics and live reporting to life. Publishers and Advertisers get to analyze performance based on multiple comprehensive breakdowns.


The Vungle Ad Network allows budget optimization for advertisers to enjoy complete freedom. It leverages advanced targeting with interactive in-app advertising campaigns. The Vungle dashboards are comprehensive and share in-depth reporting with actionable analytics.

The easy to integrate SDK of Vungle makes the process more smooth and easy. Moreover, the platform offers pixel-perfect tailored ad formats for successful advertising.

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