With the growing trend of mobile application development, that mere device turned to be a dynamic that can accomplish various tasks with just a single touch. But its functioning has been further augmented the way android application have been developed and marketed at Google pay. There are innumerable online users that have leveraged the best use of these applications. It has been exalted by lots of companies which are now focused on just android application development due to accretionary demand for android based devices.

The significance of Android application development for business cannot be accentuated as enough. Hence creating an Android app just for the sake of trend is a mere wastage of time as well as money. So when you have decided to go with the Android application development you must be capable enough to put that app in an effective use that can generate sufficient revenue so that at the end, your company can leverage the maximum benefit out of it directly or indirectly.

Qualities to be considered while hunting for an Android application development company

Mobile App Development

Building android application looks for a depth of programming and design knowledge. While considering mobile devices it consists of smaller screens and simplified processors. In case of Android various developers are needed to code flexible accounted by a variety of user scenarios. Here are the following qualities that must be searched to get the desirable android application development companies in India.

  • Java- Java is the language that support from beneath all Android development. Like JavaScript and Ruby, Java is considered to be object-oriented, it is considered to be quite rigorous that way it manages the data. Since ambiguity is something not tolerated while mobile application development, Java alleviates every sort of confusion regarding components.
  • Aware of the concept-XML- It is considered to be the standard way to encode data as far as internet-based applications are concerned. This is an organised markup language that shares various features in common with HTML.
  • Android SDK- Software Development Kit which conceives of set of pre-packaged code. It gives access to device function like accelerometer and camera since Android SDKs are considered to be the modules of Java.
  • API’s-Various Android application development companies offers APIs which enables the data to be consistent in an effective and secured way.
  • Android Studio-It is built on top of the well reputed IntelliJ IDE which comes for a great support of the most common Android SDKs.

Top Indian Android Application Development companies 2017

The following are the top android app development companies that have successfully developed reputation from both startups and global enterprises. Hence the list is created on the basis of comprehensive research and good reviews from their clients:

Hyperlink Infosystem

A renowned ISO 9001:2008 Certified, IT software solution provider based in Ahmedabad, India. With the contribution of its most dedicated and skilled team of professionals, it has been able to create the most path-breaking android mobile apps. It offers the most client-centric development which ensures agile development with the contribution of dedicated development team. It believes in delivering highest quality products within industry competitive price. It has gained good reputation as far as Android application development by using its closed structure in order to derive the most favourable results for a variety of businesses.


In order to build extremely fluid android apps then Openxcell is a good option. Established on 2008, this organisation is a CMMI Level 3 software development company known to deliver the high-performance and scalable software catering different industries. Organisation is comprising experienced android app developers known to leverage latest Android technologies in order to create cutting-edge android app solutions by employing robust code creating user-friendly interface and seamless user experience. In their Android app portfolio which comprises of some solid entries like Drinking Buddy, Alias, pedigree and various others. It has created some intrigue and secured smartphone apps for Gingerbread, Lollipop and Android wearable that witness to create flawless app design.


Fluper is the perfect place to discover the best android applications. Our android app developers are proud to offer the most ground-breaking mobile application for Android app development. They have already deployed apps across various app categories and industries. It has been one of the top notch mobile application development companies in India by possessing more than 25 resource strength, accomplished more than 125 projects which has gained more than 85 satisfied clients. With the immense contribution of top android app developers, it has been rated as top Android app Development Company in India for their phenomenal in the Android app market space. With fluid performance, dedicated attitude and distinctive behaviour, it has received global exposure from USA, Dubai, Korea and Singapore. With more than 4 years of experience of ideal android experience evidenced competency in crafting high quality, performance customized android based applications.


In order to do right math, Sourcebits is known to create smart business strategy with the help of skilled mobile development team and has met the evolving needs of companies to create mobile apps. With the contribution of Android engineers, product directors, QA testers and business strategies it has created phenomenal apps. They have created apps from Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearable they have catered to all sorts of audience. By employing Android OS engineering expertise they have created Mobeam, Intel Easy Migration, Vuzix that further manifested it to be one of top Android Development Company in India.

Konstant Infosolutions

At Konstant by utilising creativity and functionality it has created the most advanced technologies which includes mobile apps, e-Commerce, m-Commerce, IoT, Enterprise mobility etc. It employs optimized code, result-driven interactive applications as well as development approach to create something path-breaking on Android platform. It has already get into the hand to create Business application, AR/VR apps, chat application, News application etc. With highly skilled content and professional android developers to bring to a particular standard to incorporate the latest releases and technology.


By inspiring innovation, generating sustainable wealth it has created the most ground-breaking app. It is known to provide the top quality android app by offering comprehensive end-to-end services. It takes enough pain with the dedicated research and consulting team, then proceeds to architecture, design, quality assurance and maintenance to create the bug-free app. It has already delivered the most resourceful solutions by respective business models. Its solutions are both applicable on both smartphones and tablets that can truly acknowledge it to be the top android application development company on India.

Code Brew Labs  

It possesses more than 200 app developers, created more than 250 mobile apps and more than 100 global clients to be inclined for agile development.  It comprises the most experienced android app developers by debuting the most reliable, custom and functional app in order to build the business app. With its in-app solutions they are quite suitable for small to large sized business. By employing the latest qualities, it can create the most distinctive feel to the users.


This list is yet to be accomplished and still undergoing comprehensive research in order to find the most authentic list of top Android application development companies.





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