Internet Of Things has really become a topic which is inconceivable i.e. outside of the realm of imagination. It has really pushed the bee in one’ bonnet. Initially when the concept of Internet Of Things did not flourish in the market, it gave a sensation of flight of fancy. As now when it turned out to be one of the increasingly growing topic, and has successfully established a concept that has the potency to impact how we live and the way we work in the workplace. Although it successfully creates a situation of “Hit the panic button”. It may be a sputnik moment but not a rocket science. It has occupied the position of “next big thing”.

Scientifically it revolved around increase in communication through machine-to-machine. Its basically based upon on cloud computation which comes up with the connection of machine and sensors. The main routine involves the intersection of data and leverages it accordingly. It has successfully amalgamated the concept of physical with the digital. As we know that IoT’s have successfully dribbled into our world. It has covered the entire panorama from utilities to retail.

Sensi wi-fi Thermostat

Left those days when thermostat was fixed around the wall unit, now it has successfully come up with the thermostat which would be operated around the smart phone that controls anything and everything. It is a perfect blend of experience and cutting-edge digital technology. It ensures customisation which enables you to set 7day scheduling according to the cooling and heating schedules. This has been just a touch away to set the perfect temperature. It can alter the temperature in case of unexpected overcast day. It focuses more on convenience rather than comfort which enables a smarter savings.

Helmet Concussion Sensor

Helmet Concussion Biometric is a wireless helmet sensor which allows parents, coaches or trainers to maintain a history of head impact data .The shock box is designed according to the top of a equestrian helmet . It enables an immediate transmission of hit count to guardian’s or coach’s smart phones via bluetooth that alerts if any head concussion or injury to stop playing and look for medical advice. Circuitously this is an attempt to reduce concussions because according to a recent research there is a deep association between concussions and neurological problems later in life. This is also available in both Ios and Android platform, which is a sensor and app combination.

One-button Product Purchases

If you are running out of anything, Amazon has released the most simplified solution which enables you to press just one button to order Laundry powder, or cottonelle papers. The dash button is a portable bite-sized button that can easily be connected with wi-fi. It can be attached anywhere to impulse-restock a particular product.

Let’s suppose you are run out of laundry powder, just press the dash button of Tide and Amazon will reorder your product. This has alleviated to sign in the web, or any other confusion with the payment method. Since Amazon is creating more and more retail partnerships, more buttons are expected in the beginning of 2017.

Smart Garage Controller

“Automate you garage door”. This is as effortless as unlocking a mobile phone. This miniature device has enables both controlling and maintenance. This is available on both Android and Ios and can easily be controlled from anywhere. It even sends alert message in case the garage doors remained open by mistake. And the most significant part is that garage door access can easily be granted to different people.

The internet of Lego

It is an entertaining mixture of electronics, Lego and Programming. It brings out the most fascination as far as Internet OF things is concerned. If you were addicted to Lego then it will again rediscover the lost love for this magnificent innovative product.


Every day we come up with the new technological solutions, making our lives more simplified but IoT has successfully created a notion of flight of imagination. Since it has successfully increased the momentum of glaring deals in short and medium term and managed to earn a considerable profit, this has fortified the whim that Internet of Thing is ready to set forth.

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