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Do you know? Social media is the cheapest form of marketing in this ever-evolving marketplace.

The arrival of social media apps has been a game changer in the world of marketing and the way we carry out business related activities. The arrival of these apps has giving birth to custom targeting of products and services. It has somehow improved our ability to communicate with those we want to reach. In respect to all this, every business needs an online presence on trending social media platforms.

It is important to understand this concept if you are running a business or you are a marketer, but in case you are experiencing any sort of difficulty in navigating the details on how to make social media work and the android app development cost for your business then certainly you are landed at the right page. Here in this write-up, I am going to answer this tricky question for my readers.

The complete scenario of social media channels marketing takes a lot of time and dedication and often the things don’t resonate well with business owners who have a long list of things to do in the pipeline.

So, I’m never surprised about the fact that most of the time businesses miss the social media part in their brand promotion and thus their brands outgrow them due to several reasons like Android mobile app development cost, maintenance cost, short of time, insufficient resources and much more. To save you time, I’ve listed down list of top 10 best social media channel platforms for marketing that you can use in different ways to boost up your marketing value in the digital world:

Top 10 B2B Social Media Channels that Help You to Outgrow Your Business












Top 10 B2B Social Media ChannelsThe Below Mentioned are the Best Social Media Apps Ever. Have a look!


The audience on this platform: Professionals in any industry can post contents, blogs, and other relevant data

Updates related to business’s activity, news updates, links of interesting or relevant content

Traffic: More than 500 million users

Recommended post frequency: One can post daily on this platform

LinkedIn is the largest social media site connecting professionals and businesses. It is the right platform for Companies looking for clients and individuals looking for employment.

It is a recognized place for professionals, a place where B2B professionals become thought leaders by sharing their business thoughts. LinkedIn is the social media platform that offers the greatest visibility among potential among partners clients, and customers.

Every small and large business should at least create a LinkedIn business page to connect with others. To boost up your target audience you should daily share some informative links or contents about your business that are relevant to your industry.

If you understand that social media marketing matters for your business you’re already miles ahead of other CEOs.


The audience on this platform: Tech-savvy users spanning the age spectrum

What to share on this platform: Time-sensitive updates, business information, shout-outs and re-tweets

Monthly site traffic: 330 million

Recommended post frequency: 1-3 times per day for a business page

To connect with others, it is the world’s third-largest social media site. If a business wants to grow its online presence and establish its brand identity then this platform is the right way to go ahead. Twitter social media app is also a great way of engaging new potential customers towards your brand via using has-tags. Even you can search for posts from consumers and businesses using the same has-tag looking out for services.

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms, with roughly around 330 million monthly active users. This simply signifies that you can find the bulk of consumers searching for something that your company is offering and vice- versa!


The audience on this platform: Everyone, in general, is using this platform for connecting; the majority of old age people in the United States are using Facebook

What to share: All type of content, Business content, products, announcements, images, articles, and much more

Monthly traffic: 2.2 billion

Post frequency on the platform: Multiple times per day

To maintain your Facebook page you need to consider certain standard ways to promote your page, but don’t make your business page look like an advertisement page. Post informative and good content that inspires conversations. If you are looking for how to design android application like Facebook then you can connect with best Social Media Apps developing company that offers you with utmost solutions in an efficient manner.

At present, over 65 million businesses are using this platform for actively promoting their business on Facebook, which without any deny makes it a safe bet if you want to grow your presence on social media.


The audience on this platform: Every individual and business can use this platform

What to share on this platform: Eye-catching visuals contents, short videos contents, product description photographs, events detail contents, short stories

Monthly traffic: 800 million

Recommended post frequency: Normally you can post frequently.

Instagram is a social media platform on which you can share a photo and video content. It allows you to share your business related products. The platform has recently launched IGTV video content for longer-form videos.

As a business brand, you can have an Instagram business page, on which you can post quality visual content and photos using third party tools to gain followers that will boost up your connections as well.


The audience of the platform: Customers based platform

What to share: professional content including infographics, presentations, documents, and videos

Monthly site traffic: 70 million monthly users

Though Slideshare is one of the widely used social platform apps that come to mind when we think about boosting our business presence. But somewhere it is a double-edged sword that plays a crucial role in maintaining the position and reputation of the business.

Slideshare is the largest community for sharing presentations, infographics, and videos. By thinking smartly you can boost up your business. Through this platform, you can get more miles out of your work and in extremely effective ways that will keep your audience engaged.

This platform offers you the chance to promote your business for free to a large audience. SlideShare can be used in several different ways for many purposes. It offers various unique features that make it the ideal tool to develop your business. Even though the platform is crowded, and you can still gain a large targeted audience. By posting high-quality presentations you can drive traffic back to your blog, and simply create brand awareness.


The audience on this platform: Every industry from food to fashion and from travel to design

What to share: Creative and visual content

Post frequency: Several times per day

With millions of users worldwide this social media app can provide a full advantage to your business. To get complete benefits of this application, you can create pin-boards that deal with your products and provide users complete information that keeps them inspired.

Though with Pinterest advertising platform you can boost the reach of your posts and track online exchange through your Pinterest advertising. This option somewhere gives businesses a possibility to strategically prepare their content to have words that are searched on Pinterest, spending extra dollars!


The audience on this platform: Anyone can post on this platform

What to share: Powerful short and long blogs, stories, etc.

Monthly traffic: 60 million unique monthly visitors

Do you know Medium.com is one of the biggest blogging platforms that have a built-in distribution channel reaching more than 86M+ unique monthly visitors? Yes, so what are you waiting for? Include this social media platform in your business list now to grab the benefits.

You can use this application to share various types of short or long blogs, story descriptions related to your business or product. It is the best approach to boost up your brand awareness.

Business Brands can use Medium to communicate with their target audience, but it’s significant to note that using this is a plus point for your business but not spend much time on this platform. The best part about this is that you will get real followers, and get more traction. Many companies are using this platform as we are doing for our blog.


The audience on this platform: Everyone can use this social media platform

What to share: Micro-blogging site on which you can share rich media like videos and photographs

Monthly users: 51 million monthly active users

Tumblr is a without any deny a flourishing micro- blogging and social networking site for that help user all across to share rich media content. On this platform, you can share texts, videos, audio photos, links, and much more. People often share a wide range of rich media content on Tumblr. If you want to consider Tumblr in your social media marketing, then Viral Tag has shared a guide for Tumblr marketing.


The audience on this platform: Everyone is using this platform for entertainment or doing general research

What to share: Informative videos, tutorials, educational videos, or entertaining stuff

Monthly traffic: 1.57 billion monthly active users

Post frequency: 2-3 videos per week

YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine has more than 3 billion searches per month. This site is owned by Google and this is the plus point of using this platform as the videos are more likely to appear on Google top results. Maintaining a YouTube channel for your business requires a bit more time and effort than other social media platforms mentioned above in this list. To get good results, you need to create customized videos about your services, brands, company, or products.

The videos can be informative or instructional depending on the nature of your business.


The audience on this platform: Everyone can use this social platform

What to share: It is a question-answer platform that allows you to share your knowledge with others.

Monthly users: 300 million monthly unique users

Quora is a popular social media app. The question and answer platform help you to share your information related to different topics in your field. By answering credible answers to questions you can see traffic to your website. Quora is one of the best mediums to gain insight into client’s industries and business. You can boost your inbound marketing strategy by using this application and provide important information and useful advice to the users. Try this app for a certain time frame, then check your Google analytics to see if traffic has started coming from Quora. If you have, then you are good to go with this app. its working!

The bottom line for Top 10 B2B social media channels that help you to outgrow your business

The bottom line for Top 10 B2B social media channelsIn today’s marketing world, understanding which social media platform is useful and which is not save you time, it will help you in further in reaching your goals. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to spend time on it—using correctly the social media app channels is important to stay social. We always recommend you to spend a few years at least 6-8 hours per week on posting, checking, monitoring, and responding on all of these social networks. Apart from this while choosing an app development company for developing social media apps consider Android app development cost in your mind before starting your project. Fluper helps businesses of all types to create targeted social networking applications and manage the online business to create better brand alertness and drive more traffic. For more details related to you can talk to our experts today.

Social media apps play a crucial role in today’s marketplace and if you too want to make a good presence in market. To know more read the complete write-up


Anshul Sharma

Being the Co-Founder of Fluper, one of the Leading App Development Companies, Mr. Anshul Sharma has a wide-ranging experience in Business Growth. He has paved his own path as an extremely intensive product strategist and user experience proficient entrepreneur. His keen interest in the tech updates urges him to write about the latest tech news and make other businesses or enterprises aware of the changing market scenario.

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