Considering the millions of mobile applications piling up in the Play store on a daily basis, Google has introduced the latest ‘Android Excellence’ feature to counter Apple’s step to revamp the App store. Such measures undertaken are sure to place the mobile application development companies for Android and iOS under tremendous pressure. The increased competition compels the developers to engage more in researching for creative app design, content, and concept so that they feature high in the Play store.

Google has decided to have each application well reviewed by the editorial team to feature those applications and games that are prior reviewed.

Such applications and games have been categorized based on the genre on which the android application development process rests.

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The top 10 editors’ choice android applications have been clubbed together for the reader’s knowledge.


BYJU’s- The Learning App

A personalized app tutor especially designed to guide aspiring students in their preparation for exams.  Applicants from either middle school or GMAT and CAT can stand a chance to benefit from the same application. The video lessons on complex subjects give simpler examples to help students memorize better. Even the parents can easily track their kids’ study progress through the ‘Parent Connect’ application easily synced with BYJU.


This is the latest addition to the very popular professional application, LinkedIn. The young aspirants can strengthen their skills through comprehensive study in tech, creative and business courses. There is 30-days free trial for the first-time users that recommends courses based on individual’s interest or when assigned by the manager. Video tutorials are easily downloadable and monthly subscription offered to gain access to the different courses one can apply to.


Headspace: Meditation and Mindfulness

The android app developer involves the particular application help those who really need to meditate but require proper guidance to master the tricks accurately. The playful and engaging content makes it quite an interesting application to begin such a journey. One can commence the journey with the free pack and then subscribe to the more advanced versions. Different sessions of different duration along with several themes are all packed up within the singular application ready for installation.

Insight Timer

This is yet another free meditation application connecting like-minded users, each sharing their personal meditation experience with one another. The clean user interface makes the experience all the more soothing and stress-free. More so audio meditation tutorials are available right here with timers and chant counters in order to make the whole experience highly charming. Each activity is tracked using graphs and reminders are set to maintain the routine practice.

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When one is piled up with an excessive workload, applications such as Ike and Trello actually help in sorting work on the priority basis. Different colored themes coupled up with a simple layout increases work focus amongst professionals. Reminders are easily added to edit and mark off as soon as one task is complete.


This is a free-shared calendar to coordinate with family and friends in creating and managing group events. Discussions and sharing of important notes pertaining to the same event take place right on this application. Update events, set reminders, share customized calendar events and access features from any device are possible too.



The vibrant community of book lovers, Litsy provides the reading list to search for books using searchable hashtags and keywords. The Instagram-styled news feed celebrates reading using book-tagged images, blurbs, quotes, and reviews.

Google Play Books

The e-reader application by Google is most trustworthy considering the fact that it falls under the banner of Google. Customizable display options and fonts are few interesting features make it all the more easy to free reads, weekly deals, and book reviews to help readers go through them economically.


Photo Editors


Award a professional touch to the images taken with the proper use of editing tools and controls. There are streams of tutorials to offer tips and helpful insights right from the talented photographers. The depth-of-field, perspective, and canvas size can be easily adjustable along with the different hues, shapes, and lightning else alter them as you feel like.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This particular application is specially made for professionals to create amazing images from raw photo support. The mobile application version is a lot simpler than the desktop version. This application works in perfect coordination with the other Adobe versions as well such as Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Lightroom. This app integrates well with the brand’s cloud service. The core features including color balance slide controls are embedded right into the application. However, the creative control is limited in the mobile version of the same application.

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Wrapping Up

The next time if you happen to install an application or is under some confusion as to which one to download instead, kindly verify from Google Editors Choice before making any decision. Top android application development companies like Fluper have to really invest a lot of time behind each application to feature them amongst those in the Editors Choice. Else, remain unnoticed in the Playstore forever.


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