The way wireless world has been shaken by the arrival of Tablet devices which has been manifested by severe onset of trouble as smartphone app development companies are expanding the support of the platform while applying force to the thousands of apps that manipulate extraordinary potentialities.

As far as public relation battles are concerned, iPad has established its reign. It has no more gained monopoly in Tablet War, where Android Tablets are gearing up as a new-sprung substitutes. Now that Google’s Android has become a platform that has given prominence to multi-tasking abilities while comparing the other platforms like Apple’s iPhone OS. But Android tablet is regarded as light weight, inexpensive and portable which is available easily at open market, as effective as performing daily tasks such as website browsing.

But before hunting for android tab application development Company there are few features which must be regarded very carefully:

Distinguish between Tablet and Smartphone

tablet apps

As far as tablets are concerned, these are considered to be the cross between smartphones and laptops. It possesses a larger screen that ensures to provide better multimedia experience whereas smartphones have the potentialities like mini handheld computers. But there are few differences which must be regarded while looking thoroughly top android Tab application development companies.

  • Although most of the smartphones have 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity whereas most of the tablets have only Wi-Fi connectivity, some of the tablets do come with 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi but they tend to be little expensive.
  • With rich multimedia experience, tablets enables users with intensified computational capabilities.
  • Screens of tablets varies from7-10.5 inches which is like a larger smartphone with the additional capabilities. Since it has a large internal memory, it comes with the full virtual keyboard which is essential for social networking, online chatting and internet surfing.

Both tablets and smartphones are as authentic as computers especially after the introduction of dual core as well as operating systems which is capable enough to do most of the tasks but still there are still some of the differences in the hardware which must be kept into the consideration.

Pros and cons of Android tablet

Pros and cons are quite significant to be aware of in order to ensure future survival


  • Open infrastructure which ensures convenience to perform large amount of items that are available.
  • Since Android is being updated continually which means that the performance can be enhanced day by day.
  • Flexibility in order to use the platform widely which serves with the wider options to select.


  • It may be quite frustrating since it charges them the valuable time
  • Due to hardware as well as software fragmentation, it hampers a lot to the Android apps.

Judicious leveraging of Extra Screen Area

As far as landscape orientation is concerned, 10 inch tablets offers a greater expanded area but even 7- inch tablets can be beneficial in order to display content as well as engaging users. Undermentioned are few of the attributes that can be utilised for leveraging the extra screen space judiciously.

Extra screen can be filled with additional content or may be multi-page layouts that can be utilised by combining single views into compound view. While navigating the area, additional screen can be used efficiently. Some people may consider it on a secondary basis, but stuffing unnecessary content can ruin the essence of the app. Hence it must be planned judiciously in order to view the panels of the compound while screen orientation changes.

Tests conducted by tablet app developers for basic tablet app quality

Great tablet app experience is quite essential in order to meet the core app quality criteria. So testing period is quite essential to be understood by the company. Hence the company should be ready to comprehend the importance of rigorous testing.

Absorption of target Android versions

Android Version

To ensure comprehensive possible distribution to tablets, it has to be ascertained that app targets the Android version that can successfully absorb the supported tablet. Android 3.0 was being added to support the tablet initially. Analogously integrated framework support for smartphones, tablets debuted in Android 4.0.

Hence this attributes would not only be ensuring the future of android app developers but also the app’s future as well since it would ensure the compatibility over the future android versions.

Aforesaid are few of the characteristics that must be regarded while hunting thoroughly for the top android tab application development companies.

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