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According to reports from Fliplet and ContractIQ which proved the fact that enterprises are demanding more and more mobile apps. In this thriving era of innovations, scalability and interactive android apps that has initiated to bring products and idea into the mobile domain with distinguishable attribute. This has turned coercive enough to identify risks as well as opportunities in order to refer short-term challenges. Android apps have come a long way ever since the early days of super-sized smartphones. iPad has although remained the male monarch of consumption tablet, but there are various reasons apart from price which really makes Android tablets a good choice.

  • High diversity as far as Android world is concerned rather than Apple’s iOS platform
  • Freedom of where you purchase apps and media
  • It is as efficient to act as an external storage
  • Storage expansion really makes it comparable rather than Apple
  • In case you are a Google user, many of the services are already tied to the Android tablet, without any break.

Hence these reasons are sufficient enough to manifest Android tablet application development, there are few attributes that support encroaching Android tablet apps from preconceived idea to ongoing strategic publicity as well as evaluation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tablet application development

Tablet application development

This tablet is one such of the inventions that mankind has to offer has far as efficiency, portability as well as utility are concerned. Day by day, the device is gaining immense popularity, as nanotechnology is accoutred with powerful processors and RAMs. With the resemblance of categorical device, it is quite important to be aware of the advantages of Android tablet, before hiring top rated Android tablet application development companies:

  • Portability factor is quite distinguishable-Laptops are not availed below 11” whereas tablets are available at the size of 7”-10”.
  • In case you are concerned about the presentations, then it is an awesome place to prepare on a tablet.
  • Tablets start-up almost forthwith
  • It’s an open architecture which makes a seamless ecosystem for Android tablet app developers.
  • Android OS is continually modified in order to enhance the performance of Android tablet application development.


  • With the continuous changes on Android tablet, may frustrate the people. This would be although quite irritating for Android tablet app developers, they may start with a particular version and may end up on other version. This is quite a time and money-consuming as well.
  • In case you are treating your Android tablet as an alternate to laptop, then this is certain that you would be expecting similar performance. In order to perform all the tasks, it really looks for USB ports, VGA-out, HDMI etc. If you do not possess, then it act as a hindrance.

Latest technology knowledge

Think from the developer’s perspective, while picking up a branded Galaxy Tab S3, the first thing would strike his mind, how is going to justify the extra space. Hence while looking for top-rated Android tablet application development companies, it is quite essential to evaluate his skills and talent. Although as per the General Consensus, Android apps work effectively well on a larger screen help horizontally. Hence this one of the attributes which is quite essential not to anticipate all the traditional apps to be accommodated in a tablet layout. Hence take the help of technocrats, and look the Android tablet application development companies which is aware of the latest technology of Android tablet.

Difference between Android mobile application Development and Android Tablet application Development

Make while looking for Android tablet application Development Company, you must be clear about the basic difference between smartphones and tablet. Although there is a growing tendency of overlapping features between tablet and smartphones, hence that the company may be confused with the talent and skills, and you would be end up with the feeling of remorse.

  • Tablets are a cross between laptops and smartphones that offer a better multimedia experience than smartphones.
  • Every smartphone have Wi-Fi as well as 3G connectivity, whereas most of the tablets have Wi-Fi connectivity. Although there are few tablets with both the connectivity, but they tend to cost more.
  • Since tablet offers a rich multimedia experience hence it looks for more computational capabilities.

This understanding of difference will end up getting the most innovative Android tablet apps which can contend in this impulsive competition.

Cost of Android Tablet Application Development

Although there are various componentswhich considering the cost. There are epoch-making attributes for instance, freelancer, offshore development team or agency like to create comprehend apps. Analogously, an app that looks for integration of APIs or back-end server built that can operate independently can be distinguished rigorously.

Scope of Android Tablet Development

Scope of Android Tablet Development

It is quite essential to understand the scope since it would highlight opportunities or possibilities in order to develop the thought-process that deals with something quite relevant. Looking to hire Android tablet application Development Company with future clarity of its existence give optimism to adopt creativity.

Team and services

It must be judged whether the team is proficient enough to create the customized Android tablet application and evaluating the available tools in the Android Software stack in order to fabricate the best Android tablet application development.

Support and maintenance

In this era of mobility, it is quite essential to extend hands after tablet app development. After support will enhance the long term relationship and further intensify the circumspection of android tablet app development.

Here these are few of the attributes which must be regarded before hiring Android Tablet application development.



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