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When it comes to providing users with new entertainment facilities on smartphones, and via smart apps, the technology world is switching from music, videos to ever-engaging gaming platforms. The future of cloud computing in gaming with any top virtual app development company is brighter than ever. Cloud gaming is a game that is available on a company’s server rather than on a gamer’s device. The player joins a game by installing the client’s program to access the server where the games are present. The gamer requires no physical copies, updates, or backup because it is stored on a cloud platform, thus, reducing the overall cost of playing for the augmented reality development company.

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Ease of Accessibility

The availability of high-speed Internet and the vast spread of mobile phone devices, TV sets, laptops, tablets, etc., has augmented the ever-increasing demand for cloud gaming. Reduced access time and decline in the purchasing cost of games has further fuelled the gaming demand. Free-to-play models have also added to the attraction of many subscriptions, thus contributing to the market growth. The prevalence of e-Sports worldwide will also propel the demand for gaming in the years to come due to augmented reality app development.

The Emergence Of Cloud Gaming

The global information digitization has eased the process for the end-users in storing, accessing, and sharing data of different platforms, globally. This transformation has also affected the media and entertainment industry significantly due to the advancements in mobile technology and widespread internet availability. Earlier, the hard copy formats, such as newspapers, magazines, and audio devices, such as transistors and radios, were the primary source of information distribution. However, information digitization is possible only through being transmitted via social media platforms, TV, and the Internet.

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Cloud gaming allows a virtual app development company distant content storage in a connected environment, which reduces storage concerns and increases content accessibility. Moreover, the cloud also helps restructuring content on different smart devices, which further improves the content delivery across media. It is advantageous for users, such as faster speed, scalability, and better user insights. The gaming also continually updates the end-user. Therefore, it is expected that the global cloud gaming market may register 24.6% CAG, thus accounting for 3,806.52 million by 2023.

Cloud Gaming

Leading Augmented reality app development Companies

Amongst the leading global players of cloud gaming market are, Sony Corporation (Japan), Cirrascale Corporation (US), Google, LLC (US), Game Fly (PlayCast) (US), Nvidia Corporation (US), Ubitus Inc. (US), Playkey (US), PlayGiga (Spain), Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd (China), Microsoft Corporation (US), Zynga, Inc. (the US), and Hatch Entertainment Ltd (Finland)There are some factors every virtual app development company should consider while getting into the cloud gaming domain.

Cloud Gaming Segmentation

For better convenience in understanding the cloud gaming market, it has been segmented in the following manner:

By Device

Sony and Microsoft are the leading players in the console segment; They ensured a share of 60% of the cloud gaming market due to its robust distribution network. The retention of their gaming customer base is responsible for the generation of recurring revenue by using cloud gaming platforms. The cost-sensitive buyers are held at bay due to the inherent high price of every new game that is due for purchase for augmented reality app development. The console manufacturers are the real beneficiaries with the introduction of gaming platforms, which enhance their already extensive library of game content and productivity. Due to the widespread global adoption of smartphones, the smartphone segments will register ia growth at CAGR of around 45%. The universal smartphone accessibility will grow by 10% by 2022 compared to the year 2018.

By Type

The cloud gaming market has been divided into video streaming and file streaming. The large players, such as PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, can easily afford to adopt file streaming cloud gaming approaches in their products due to the availability of compatible gaming consoles. This approach enables the top virtual app development company to provide effortless gaming experience to its end-users despite slow internet accessibility. It further allows users to customize their gaming library and save their progress and gain instantaneous access to their profiles.

Now, the gaming providers offer their services through smartphones, PCs, laptops, etc., and have done away with the mandatory requirement for specialized consoles.

It is expected that the file streaming gaming market will grow at CAGR of around 25% by 2022.

The video streaming segment accounted for a larger market share with a market value of 853.87 in 2018, while the file streaming segment is expected to register a higher CAGR of around 28.11% by the year 2022.


The three types of categories identified, based on deployment in the market, are hybrid, private, and public cloud. The private cloud accounted for USD 544.76 million in 2018, whereas the hybrid segment is expected to exhibit the highest CAGR.


However, despite the attractiveness of the gaming market, it has not flourished to the expected levels for augmented reality app development. It could be a result of a lack of sufficient monetary backup required among the masses from various regions, as well as due to its remoteness. Estimates say that roughly 60% of the users globally do not have access to computers to tackle the demanding requirements of the AAA level games. The gaming model is a boon for the companies to allow an increase in profitability through accessing potential end-users.

Final Thoughts 

The leading world economies need to adopt a comprehensive approach to making high-speed internet access available for developing and underdeveloped nations.

However, the increase in investments made in 5G technology and the accessibility of numerous games at affordable prices are primarily responsible for enhancing market growth. In the years to come, North America shall be the most significant cloud gaming market. Other factors that will lead to overall market growth shall be the rapid growth of cloud computing and growing professional gamers.

Further, a spurt in investments by governments in cloud computing technologies, an increase in the use of smartphones and accessibility of high-speed Internet, can be summed up as other factors responsible for overall cloud gaming technology growth for any virtual app development company.


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