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Today’s generation can simply not even have this wildest dream of spending their life without this device. However, there was a time when these modern gadgets did not make entry into our lives. I believe, those times spent with our dear ones were undoubtedly the most cherished ones.

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Smartphones with their corresponding mobile application development services are undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts of Modern technology to the humanity with the core objective is to connect families and loved ones around the world. But this device, though achieved lot of accolades over the years, has failed miserably in fulfilling this very goal. It has successfully managed to increase the gap among family members.

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The addictive applications devised by the best mobile application development companies and add on features of the device have the entire human civilization glued on its screen round the clock similar to the addictive effect caused by strong drugs such as heroin and cocaine, yet bears the socially acceptable tag.

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Allow me to paint the darker side of the picture which is both social, physiological as well as psychological.

So what are the social, physiological and psychological issues faced by mobile users???

Social Factors:

Face-to-face communication has practically ceased to exist and family ties are weakening. All you get to see family members sitting together yet individually preoccupied with their smart phones.

Ask yourself-

  • When did you last actually enjoy a cozy and romantic dinner date with your partner??

You do hangout, but,

How often do you engage in actual face-to-face conversation??

  • Young kids prefer spending time playing video games designed by either iPhone game development companies or android developers on their phones rather than going out into the open air and indulge in more active physical games.
  • Tiny toddlers choose mobile device over dolls and toys. Gone are the days when kids actually enjoyed playing with ‘barbies’, ‘building games’, ‘lock and key’, and or listening to stories from elderly members of the family.
  • Children do not get time to spare for their parents or grandparents and quality family time spending has taken its place in the pages of history book long time.
  • When engaged in studies or office work, often you get distracted from push notifications and various alerts that keep on beeping now and again.
  • Commuters, while walking down the street, have eyes glued on their phone screens, thereby bumping into others, tripping over or crashing into obstacles.
  • Social interaction anxiety disables a young kid from the capability of indulging in easy social interaction.

You see the social causes are multiplying and these are just a few samples. These issues have serious impact on their physical and psychological well being.

Physical Factors:

  • Obesity can be a common health issue among growing kids mostly since all they do is just sit at one place and continuously assess their handset. Minimal physical movement eventually leads to obesity and other health hazards.
  • Continuous staring onto the small screen causes eye problems and unending use of earphones playing music in high volume leads to hearing defects.
  • You must be aware of Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder syndrome cause of continuous beeping sounds for alerts and push notifications.
  • Too much dependency on smartphones reduces your trusting power on your own memory leading to memory losses.
  • Moreover the electromagnetic waves and harmful radiations, as well as prolonged usage can be responsible causing serious and unchanging damage and back or neck pain.

Psychological Factors:

  • The need to stay connected is causing psychological issues and rise in stress level.
  • Moreover, technology has literally robbed us of our ability to creativity, imagination, problem solving as well as the capacity to remember minute details.
  • Increased dependency on smartphones and mobile app development services has converted us into slaves of modernity.
  • The violent games can lead to aggressive behavior among teen and young adult users. Also, augmented reality games such as Pokemon GO has caused many serious accidents.
  • Prolonged usage leads to insomnia pushing users to stay awake late after hours of toil just to see the continuous updates coming up.

Summing Up:

I have succeeded in presenting just a fraction of the bigger picture. The modern world is fully emerged in the smart phone technology, basking in its multitasking applications designed by the mobile developers. I am not asking readers to curb their proneness towards mobile phones. All I am requesting them to halt for a while and indulge in introspection before they get fully blown away by its success waves. Responsible mobile companies and mobile application developers need to realise that these creations exert negative impact on prolonged usage that cannot be ignored. It’s better to not to get addicted at all rather than adapting to addressing measures to rid oneself from the unstoppable compulsion. Fluper, a top notch mobile app development company, have devised applications to fight the compulsion. Catch their work by contacting the team at:


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