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Massachusetts-based BrainCo. Claims that its AI-powered smart headbands will allow people to remain calmer together with meditation and focus better on their work.The headband is a neuro feedback or EEG device that measures your brain waves and is much in demand among sportspersons.

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24-year-old Emma Baumert admitted that the smart band helped her to become calm when she is in intense pressure or stress. It’s a scientific fact that a stressed brain emits more brainwaves due to increased electrical activity. The company claims that with meditation, the head band works best and yields better and swift results to make you feel absolutely calm down.

The headband is a neuro feedback device that measures your brain waves

Max Newlon, the President of BrainCo. Said that the head band uses AI-powered algorithm to monitor 1250 data points in a single person’s brainwave signals. When connected to a mobile app, the band scores them to 100 points that means the calmest situation. He is working on this concept from 2015 and just like physical exercises make your body strong, the electrical signaling of brain waves can be effectively monitored and controlled through this advanced device.

However, this is not the first time a product like this has been launched. Earlier in 2014, another EEG head band developer Interaxon also created “Muse”, a similar head band that was designed to make people feel calmer and supported in getting better sleep.

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