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Tesla the world-renowned electric car manufacturer is going to face clean falls as interest percentage enhance after the COVID-19 pandemic. Per Lekander, the Lansdown Partner fund manager opines to the world, a report says. 

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According to Lekander Tesla is currently living in a bubble and that he is temporarily on Elon Musk’s company, indicates he will be benefited if Tesla’s stock price falls. The current market price of Tesla takes a flight to over $800 billion in the 12 months leading still to January, before downing to $600 billion and less in February. Now it is standing at around $679 billion. 

Tesla is staying in an illusion and According to the Top Manager it’s ‘Going Down’

Lekander said that “My take is that this year is going to be the comeback for the incumbents,” German car manufacturer Volkswagen announcing, that is priced at 119 billion euros ($141 billion), as one organization for whom he is optimistic.

There are several golden lumps, that he thinks will be the long-term winners. However, for a short-term time period, macro calls that the rate of interest will go up and the market will emerge up to those incumbents are not at all too badly positioned, then Tesla might fall. 

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A wide number of market observers are supposed to disagree with this prediction. For example, an analyst of Wedbush, Dan Ives thinks the shares of Tesla will get recovered after the unstable beginning of the year. According to her point of view, Tesla’s success depends upon the demand for EVs (Electric Vehicle) in China for March and it might boost their initiatives. This will induce Tesla’s shares into a new height after this shaky January and powerful February month.


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