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Google has just sent out a warning to millions of its users about a new threat that has hit the extremely popular Google Chrome browser that is on billions of computers. The worst part about the warning is that this is the most dangerous zero-day threat and that hackers already know about this flaw in the software and they have probably exploited it to infect people’s computers and stolen their data and other information.

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Google has now alerted users about the Google Chrome bug and that they should not ignore the warning and instead, they should simply update their browser as the company has already released a patch to fix the software. By the way, there is not just one bug, in actuality there are 4 in all, but 2 of them are really dangerous and they have been rated as high-risk ones.

 Google has warned millions of its users to update their browser

To fightback the hackers even at this late hour, requires users to quickly update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version and thereby get back to safety. To offer some security, Google has released the update and the latest version is called 94.0.4606.71

However, Google is keeping everything about the Google Chrome bug under wraps in order not to let other hackers know about it. If they find out, they too will try and exploit this vulnerability. However, it is letting users know that they should update their Google Chrome to the latest version as soon as possible. This recommendation is for all Google Chrome users – Windows 10, Chromebook or even Mac.

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