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A new survey report of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) claims that out of 10 businesses 8 are feeling a threat of a state-sponsored cyberattack on the companies around the globe. Businesses are demanding cooperation from International politics to remove the state-sponsored threat after this pandemic. 

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This survey was arranged in 2020 November and December, harmful cyberattacks happen on the leading software developing organization SolarWinds. Before that, more than 100 companies and more than nine federal agencies affected. This huge attack was a serious moment of retributing for numerous companies about the difficulties produced by sponsored cyberattacks and state-led threats.

This annual survey report makes most other multinational companies aware and draws their concern about state-sponsored cyberattacks. These attacks becoming a pressing problem that required Government’s attention to act both domestically and internationally. 

SMEs and large business sectors are now focused on the frequent attacks and they are preparing themselves for the increasing figure of cyberattacks upcoming five years. More than 68 percent of business executives understand their companies are completely or mostly prepared to face the upcoming cyber attacks.  

This survey indicated more than 500 director-level and other different business executives in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the U.S acquainting with the all-new organizational strategy on cybersecurity measurement.

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