Mobile technology has actually showcased to the world what it feels like to face tough competition. This is an era where the customers are bombarded with countless choices. The mobile developers find it really hard to chase their end users and face even tougher strife to retain their potential users in the face of hardcore competitiveness. The phrase, ‘First impression is the Last Impression’ need to be modified since just exerting an impressive first impact will not sustain the application till the end. Users are highly skeptical in choosing apps from the app store. Mobile app development companies indulge in bone breaking task, continuously strategizing to gain optimal position for their developed application in the app store, ultimately making their way into the user’s smartphone. One thing you need to remember as a developer that most customers opt for such applications that display favorable ratings and user reviews on their app description.

So if you are trying real hard to increase your app downloads and retention rates, it is time to seriously consider integrating and raising user ratings into the app description, following the useful tips and tricks.

Let’s discover the tips:

  • External app rating plug-in- Ratings can prove to be either a boon or a curse and hence demands careful integration. But ignoring it completely may prove quite detrimental to your app’s reputation. Again, repeated hankering users to share their feedbacks often irritates them resulting in their actually uninstalling the application from their device. So engaging third-party features such as rating prompts can actually come as your savior but again, if you manhandle it will have an adverse impact on your overall app ratings. One thing needs to be given consideration before using such a feature is to apprehend user behavior, categorizing them into two distinct groups based on their approach to your app and dealing with them as per their requirement. Examples: Appirater is a plugin designed only for iPhone applications developers to prompt users to review their app after a set time period.
  • Replace review pop ups with great incentive prompts timings- Pop ups can actually irritate anyone. If your app rating box pop up frequently on the user’s device, there is quite a handsome chance of it getting either completely ignored or the application gets uninstalled altogether. Best way to entice users delivers their valuable feedback and favorable rating s is to spice up the popping up process. What can better serve the purpose than incentivizing them? Everybody enjoy availing free stuff. Hence reward your users as soon as they decide to review your app. Also, make sure your prompts know the correct timings to display on the user’s device screen. Try not to push in rating prompts immediately after the application is installed in the device else you are bound to lose a valuable customer.

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  • Engage users directly with the supportive response to their queries- The perfect route to gain a satisfying app review is through exceptional customer service. Other than incorporating a ‘Send Feedback’ dialogue box popping up for the user, it is more productive to initiate a two-way communication via an instant messaging Engage the users through prior framed questions to gain insight into the user’s overall app experience and thanking them for their feedback irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. Also personalized approach to addressing consumer grievance through messaging boost up positive feedback and good app ratings.

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  • Use comprehensible simple language- Any top mobile app developer always stresses on using simple and easily comprehensible language, guarded by amiable intonation to entice the customers. Try not to use complicated language with an offensive or demanding tone or else you will end up annoying the user. Such a blunder can seriously cost you of your brand reputation. Try to be precise, to-the-point, persuasive yet not begging or demanding when engaging in direct communication.
  • Pay attention to client’s communication preference- Always respect your client’s preference. Never target those set of customers who deny or ignore your pop ups for app ratings. Also, never prompt customers repeatedly to rate the application each time a new update is integrated into the existing one which will only reduce the value of the mobile application and irritate the user as well.
  • Regular monitoring of consumer reviews- No application turns out to be a near- to- perfection output thus leaving scopes for improvement. Close monitoring of the customer feedbacks can actually aid the hired app developer to understand their expectations and preferences, also reflect on any bugs or missing out some key features that need urgent feeding into the app. Likewise, the customers are left happy if their suggestions are actually paid heed to and incorporated into the application.

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The above points have aptly cleared your doubts on the importance of owning customer ratings and feedbacks in the application developed by you. The mentioned tips and tricks can boost up the customer ratings if wisely incorporated into the app user interface. Any best mobile app developer will agree to the decisive role played by such ratings and feedbacks in pushing the visibility of the applications to the top of the search queries in the app store. Try not be biased towards the negative feedbacks since they are more valuable in comparison to the positive ones.

Also, you can harness the service of any top mobile app development company such as Fluper to utilize their professional insights into developing your application that will gain both positive visibility and draw motivating customer feedbacks.

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