Social Media manifested to be competitive and dynamic space has acquired to be predictable. Currently Facebook already evolved around to get million users in a quarter. Social Media which is known to consume ever-increasing amount of time and invaded each and every corner of people’s lives has successfully brought the terminology FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) successfully. Also it is considered to be the sacrament to society but comes under the category of largest detriment. It has successfully been a source of news. This platform can easily be compared as a mercantile establishment in order to share as well as constant communication.

As far as business is concerned, promising market is considered to be the niche of social media. Although the matter of fact is that this segment is concentrated with dominant players but this platform has welcomed up new opportunities in order to realise new ideas. In case you are looking to create a social media, it is quite essential to understand that you must readily dedicate considerable finance to create a mobile app which is regarded as a prerequisite for a successful project.

Although there are two options available in case you will be developing from scratch or can be added up into the web version. But there are few considerations which are achieved by Fluper after creating the most engaging social Media app, without which, it would really make your app inexistent.

Establishing connection with social media

Establishing connection with social media

Although a user already left their credentials in a number of social media apps which really manifest the fact that the lesser steps separate the user from the mature interaction with an application, the better. It does not leave with any reason to do it all over again. So, it would be rather beneficial to reduce the way into one button “connect with”. Although the essence of social media apps are intensifying day by day since it offers greater connectivity with acquaintances all across the world. Existing social connection will raise social graph which can be leveraged with the existing connection with social media. Mobile app developers must work very efficiently in order to accelerate the login process so that the abandon ratio can be reduced drastically with user-friendly navigation supported by advanced functionality.

Appropriate selection of platform

Even social media app looks for the popular platform. Although iOS and Android are considered to be the most popular platforms that are globally used. To select the most appropriate platform, it looks for entire testing while considering different devices which is quite essential in order to make the app seamless as well as upsurge the global audience.

Favourable circumstances for self-expression

Favourable circumstances for self-expression

Reputation in social groups are quite a matter of concern for any user as far as social networking is concerned. Here self-expressions come into the picture since it would define one’s individuality hence every user wants to feel unparalleled in order to show the world his level of creativity, extraordinary as well as outside the box he or she is. There are few features that must be supported by social media app for instance customisation of profile picture, status, mood as well as occasional uploading of videos, audios and all other related stuffs in festivals, events etc. hence user id, bio data, customisation of profile picture, catchy slogan etc. help to enhance not only the user’s credibility but identity as well. Hence mobile app developers must dedicate on attractive fonts, styles as well as combination of both in order to make custom profiling to draw favourable attention.

Integration with existing services must be elaborated

Although it is always suggested that integration with the existing services must be elaborated hence it does not look to the users to choose all those services that are already connected to and the new one. Third party services:

Media Sharing network

As far as media sharing sites are concerned, it enables to upload the photos, videos as well as audio to a website which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world where media sharing sites are enabled to place media by embedding on other sites. This type of social media render the people with opportunities to exchanges not only video, photo but content as well, for instance Vimeo, Flickr etc. But the feature which is quite distinct is the scaling of content like publishing short videos etc.  

Integration with existing services must be elaborated

Relationship Network

Although this is wrong to consider that human being yearn for belonging as well as connection but the network that are built between can be easily divided into the categories for instance Facebook to maintain personal communication, LinkedIn to maintain Professional network whereas dating services as far dating services are concerned.

Discussion Forums

In couple of years, Social networking has really taken off bringing back discussion forum alive. As far as social networking popularity is concerned, organisations are leveraging in the best possible way. For instance, innumerable organisations have created MySpace pages or ensures its establishment of corporate presence like Linkedin or Facebook. Although communities, Q&A services and forums are considered to be the first form of social media for instance Quora, dig etc. which are the modern representatives.

Social Bookmarking sites

As far as Bookmarking sites are concerned, it enables to browse through the items which are based on recently added, or belonging to certain category such as technology, shopping, blogging, politics, sports etc. Although few social bookmarking tools include:

  • Evernote
  • Delicious
  • Bitly
  • Pinterest

So, the main functioning it renders to the bookmarking sites is the main platform where the user to collect the content into the personal library which is even compiled by the other members of the community.

Development and quality assurance

Development and quality assurance

Although this would sound something relevant to other mobile application development. But proactive Quality Assurance as well as Testing process ensures high application quality, mitigation of risk to enhance the performance of users as well as maximisation of cost reduction. In order to make the things more effective, testing at the core of every stage of project must be integrated in order to meet the ultimate need of the users.

Publishing and marketing

Although social media plays a significant role as far as marketing of app is concerned. In case of social media app, it must follow the same procedure of publishing, creation of all promotional materials such as video guides, screens as well as effective description of the application. Similarly a considerable time must be dedicated to the mobile app budgeting.

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These are few of the consideration which must be taken so that you end up to create the robust yet most engaging Social Media app.

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