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One of the most preferred video and photos sharing digital app SnapChat is going to recommend places that you can visit with its in-built map feature. So, if you are always in a quest to find some interesting places to visit, Snapchat can now help you in that. The feature will surely add to the utility of SnapChat as there are more than 250 million users who are going to be benefitted from this new and advanced feature. Till now, people use Snapchat built-in map to see the location of their friends and peers in different corners of the world.

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The app has recently upgraded its map interface to a main tab inside the app and recently it added a new feature that will show new places for you to visit. The map feature will start scouting for the places, such as restaurants and bars for a user, which they have either tagged in past posts or added in the favorite’s options. With this latest edition and recent updates like integration with the restaurant review website, Snapchat is turning its map into a unique way to discover the world around you. This amazing map feature is surely going to exhilarate users where they will be suggested various famous and popular spots based on their previous posts and location.


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