With a smartphone or a tablet, you are enjoying watching your favourite YouTube videos or streaming up the perfect playlist from pretty much whenever and wherever. But all your enjoyment will gobble up the moment you will be through with your amount of data allotted under the monthly plan and no one will be willing enough to pay overage charges. Although there are innumerable tips that are provided in the internet which includes adjusting Wi-Fi setting, or bringing Wi-Fi into use for the bigger files,  or managing the notification or setting up the usage alerts. One of the tips may include shutting off the apps which sounds counter intuitive when there are some of the apps that are responsible to monitor data usage.

Data Man Pro

Data Pro

“Your superweapon against overage”. DataMan Pro enables you to know how data is used in every hour and every day. It renders with the smarter forecast which helps to reduce the chances of wastage too. Hence at the end of the day, it helps to maximise the data plan as well. Apart from these, there are some additional functions which really make this app as a superweapon:

  • Advanced AppWatch: It tracks the app that are running throughout the day in order to monitor how much the data usage is affected.
  • Smarter Forecast: the most reliable prediction on the basis of usage trend, where you will be getting intelligent suggestion how much data should be used in order to avoid overage.
  • Real-time Hourly stats: it doesn’t look to what the carrier to update with the latest data but can be retrieved immediately and directly from iOS.

Traffic Monitor

Traffic Police

With ad-free RadioOpt Traffic monitor, this app is sufficient enough to keep an eye on the network coverage and can check over 3G/4G speed as well as data utilisation on your smartphone. What really makes it distinct with the incorporation of some integrated key features?

  • Speed Test: It demonstrates the speed apart from the latency of your UMTS, LTE as well as Wi-Fi network over speedometer, download, separated into upload, as well as ping speed.
  • Coverage: With the coverage, it displays the network availability as per the current position by discovering the reasons of bad network performance.
  • Data usage: It evaluates data usage in general as well as by app. Hence it enables to be well-versed since it would warn in case you have exceeded the specified data volume.

My Data Manager

Data Manager

My data Manager which is although considered as the best app in order to control the mobile data usage as well as land you to save sufficient money over the monthly phone bill. But what really makes it quite distinctive?

It has added support as per-usage usage tracking as far as Android N is concerned.

3G Watchdog

Watch Dog

This app is effective enough with 4G/ 3G /Edge/GPRS as well as Wi-Fi usage and display it on graph, text as well as table. The main features it covers:

  1. Usage by application
  2. It displays current usage status even with a notification icon.
  3. It plans as well as display usage history as per CSV import/ export.
  4. Real-time traffic graphs
  5. Alerts as well as optional auto-disable considering the real-time mobile network.

My Verizon Mobile

My Version App

It enables to get more control with the great new features apart from the feed which would give the personalised products as well as content like the data hub which is sufficient to display how much data is being utilised and how to leverage it more potentially. It serves with another feature which renders with the easiest way to browse apart from the customisation over the latest devices and accessories.

Aforesaid are some of the apps that not only tracks more data but keep an eye on the data that you have used up till date.

Please do let us know if you are using any of these apps. Fluper, one of the top notch mobile app development company is also dedicating efforts to create an app to alleviate tension over running of monthly data budget.

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