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Roblox shares grow nearly 5% within hours of trading, following the organization’s first earning report publishes after appearing in public in a direct listing. Let’s look at company’s earning figure-

  • Revenue: 140% increased within a year and become $387 million.
  •  Loss: 46% per share. 

Net loss in the first quarter was $134.2 million. 

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The popularity of its gaming app for kids has increased during this COVID-19 pandemic, as students were restricted to attend schools and sports teams were inactive. In March, this transformation leads a successful stock market debut. Its shares started trading at $64.50, almost 43% roses from the previous financing round of the company in January. 

Before moving the after-hours trading, on Monday it closed at $64. 

During the first quarter, the number of active users or DAUs enhances to 42.1 million up to 71% from the previous year. Users invest nearly 9.7 billion hours on the platform, which raises 98% over years from March 2021. 


This arrangement transformed in booking to $652.3 million, up 161% year after year. On the basis of quarters, the daily average bookings of the active user were $15.48, almost 46% up year after year. A huge amount of content available on this platform comes free of cost, investors give special awareness to how Roblox generates revenue from its users. As much as the organization can develop its average per DAU bookings, the company can bloom its performance. 

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