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A mobile app to develop and successful launch is just a step toward success; there are a lot more to achieve after this. It’s too early to celebrate because an analysis says that more than 60% of the users uninstall their mobile app after 30 days of downloading. This figure is really alarming for mobile application developers.

 Spending huge money on the development and marketing of your app won’t give you the power to retain your app users. There are many other factors are responsible to increase the user retention rate. App retention is a major concern for a developer as well as the marketer too. You need to put yourself in the place of a user and understand why they uninstall an app after installing it.

We can broadly understand the reasons given here, responsible for getting your app uninstalled in a less span of time.  The utility, privacy and performance of your app decide whether a user will keep your app on their smartphone or will kick it out. Lacking with any of these 3 traits will lead to getting your app uninstalled. Let’s have a look at the reasons carefully what makes your app prone to get uninstalled in no time.

Utility of your app

“I installed an app for my monthly finance management, the income I have, expenditures I do, any saving, and my investment for future; but all it can do is to just do the calculation of my income and expenses; that’s what I didn’t think while getting this app. I had to uninstall it.”

The above user experience is enough to understand that the utility of app should be precise and effective too. It should serve the purpose what it was meant for, else it will annoy a user. Sometimes, develop creates a misleading app; it doesn’t seem to do what user expected and it is the biggest drawback. Sometimes, a user wants the app to work in the “Offline Mode”, which has a more utility rather one who needs constant internet connectivity. Mobile application developers should be careful here and keep the utility of app in mind from user’s perspective.

Performance of the app

When you ask the end-user, the next thing they look in an app is the performance; the quick to load, easy to navigate and using fewer data and battery consumption with their device. The performance is the key factor to sustain your app on the user’s device.

In a recent survey, it has been disclosed that only 37% of user are loyal to the app they installed in the past one month. It shows the challenges of app retention as 63% users have been churned out in the very first month. And, this 37% will reduce to 22% in the next 3 months after downloading the app. Developers need to give it a thought on this criteria, you can see here the number of users revisited the app after installing it.

If the performance is impressive, you can keep this figure from 30.6% to a decent one, else in the next 15 days, you will be with only 11.7% users for your app.

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Onboarding and privacy concerns with the app

What if, you installed an app, but wondering how to navigate and use it; that could be one of the worst ever experience of a user. The typical onboarding process is a tutorial which helps the user to navigate from the different pages of the app. The user will get familiar with the new app and understand how it will be beneficial for the user. Yet, onboarding should be simple; most of the apps ask the user to register or go with lot many information inputs. That’s enough to turn off many users, so the mobile application developers should keep the onboarding simple.

Privacy is one of the concerns which developers can’t overlook. In fact, the recent security breach with Facebook increased the tension. Users are not interested to compromise with their privacy for sake of using a mere app. Losing privacy is a loss for the lifetime, here mobile app development process should be transparent enough. The top mobile app development company in India like Fluper, keep this concern on the higher priority. They designed and develop an app in a certain manner that it clearly discloses the extent of users’ information will be used.

Fluper, the top 10 mobile app development companies in India suggest few points to keep user with your app. It will help developers to increase the retention rate and earn huge user-base.

  • Improve your onboarding experience by providing multiple options to sign up and prefer localization of the application
  • Developers should prepare their privacy policy and make it accessible for users
  • Increase push-notifications utility by including offers and promotions, here user’s location can make it impressive
  • Make sure to develop and test your app for all possible devices and OS versions to avoid any technical glitch

Developing an engaging app is a key to stay longer in the users’ devices; the top mobile app development companies understand it. If you want to get your app develop, make sure to outsource your project to any of these mobile application developers and get better results.

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