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Windows may not have been so popular in the mobile industry but it surely governs the Laptop and desktop market with four times more users than Mac users. The traditional audience has adopted windows to accept the technology changes in their lives and may not even know the advanced features of Mac which makes it popular among the people because all they need to learn and implement is done using windows. In the Microsoft’s Build developer conference, they mentioned about the new windows app to mirror the desktop or PC on your Android or iOS phone. This actually leverages the users by synchronizing their desktop and phone instead of using the data cables and wait to transfer data and then work on it. Mobile app development companies can also use this app to come up with the innovative offline scheduler and organizing apps to distribute the workload on both the devices desktop and mobile phone. Highlights from Microsoft build developer conference.
wearable app development companyYour phone app

Your phone has been developed to cater both the platforms iOS and Android to reach maximum windows users. This app mirrors the desktop over a small screen on the Smartphone and lets the user access the data like text messages, photos, and notification eliminating the need for tangled data cables for the phone.

Microsoft Launcher

Edge, the Microsoft launcher is available for both the iOS and Android which implies Microsoft no longer wants to be a competition to Google or Apple rather become an ally. The launcher is an initiation towards bringing the windows PC connect better with the mobile operating systems available in the market and a better connectivity to iOS and Android app developers to start with innovative IoT apps.

Windows Timeline

The new windows have an update called as windows timeline which can keep you updated on the past 30 days activities such as files saved, websites browsed and mobile apps used. On signing in with Microsoft account the user can also track the activities performed on the device for the past one month.

Cortana to be friends with Alexa

Cortana is a digital assistant developed by Microsoft and Alexa is an Amazon product. The integration of two is the vision Microsoft is trying to showcase which means the users of Cartana can access the users of Alexa and Alexa users can access cartana users.

Mixed Reality solutions for Businesses

Mixed reality is also known as hybrid apps is the mixture of reality and virtual world. Microsoft purposes the two features using mixed reality which are

1. Image Sharing at work

We do have video calling but the one on one talk has more impact than the video conference. With mixed reality, the remote assistant can be done at workplaces to allow the employees collaborate more clearly and assist hands-free.

2. Layouts for 3-D model

Microsoft believes that virtual headsets can be put to better use rather than gaming which is to design the 3-D models layouts of the rooms in real time and then edit to ensure changes.

Azure powered IoT projects

Using Azure for IoT projects, Microsoft has signed a deal with DJI, a drone manufacturing company to develop Software development kit for the devices which will be connected in future to the desktop to extract the data for projected outcomes of the functions performed by the Internet of things.

The relaunch of Kinect for AI developers

Kinect is a motion sensing device which can be unlocked to be used by Artificial intelligence developer to explore machine learning for the possible outcomes of the application. Mobile app development is the user end of the AI technology to distribute among the individuals and solve the existing real-time problems as well as customer-oriented business problems


The mobile app Your phone is not available in the stores yet but is under trail with windows insiders but looks like a big advantage for the windows users and that is for a lot of people. The mobile app developers can have a lead with the success of this app to come up with the apps that work as an accessory for windows to let the users understand the technology better and in fact encourage self-learning to deal with windows related manual fixes.

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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