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The competition prevailing in the app industry is a threat for both new and existing apps. If you want your app to stay ahead of competition then do follow these quick tips and speed up your android app development.

Quick Tips for Users to Speed Up the Development of Android Apps

Quick Tips for Android Application Development

icon0Prefer the use of latest tools only: If you are an android app developer then surely you face the dilemma of being required to do too much and that too at the cost of little time. You are required to take care of tasks like designing, coding, testing, prototyping, debugging and what not. The vitality of these tasks is very prominent and hence, it is quite not feasible for you to take use of short-cuts for getting these tasks done in the blink of an eye. You can use the below-mentioned valuable tools for quickening your android app development process:

Quick Tips for Users to Speed Up the Development of Android Apps

services-iconsGenymotion: Genymotion is an emulator that supports almost each and every current Android version and eliminates the unnecessary need for you to configure different devices.

services-iconsHierarchy Viewer: This is an awesome tool that can help you in viewing your application’s tree and analyzing its flaws for testing as well as debugging. You can get this tool n Android SDK and speed up the development of your mobile app by making it free from redundant elements.

services-iconsLeakCanary: This tool will let you detect memory leaks with a lot of ease and convenience. LeakCanary tool will help you get rid of notorious bugs rapidly and that too without any memory leakage.

services-iconsVysor: You can use this tool in easily sharing screens by simply using a Chrome plug-in. This tool is ideal for developers who find rooting devices utmost complicated via a USB.

services-iconsButterKnife: This is an amazing tool that will help you in improving the readability and coding rate of your boilerplate codes.

services-iconsPrefer Low-fidelity wireframes over High-fidelity wireframes: Low-fidelity wireframes are more fluid and less detailed and are therefore, comparatively better than high-fidelity wireframes. Low-fidelity wireframes are fast to develop and are definitely a good blueprint for you.

services-iconsTry going lean: Instead of developing and launching a full-fledged mobile app, you must try to go lean as much as possible. Launching a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with regular features and zero frills is highly recommended. You can successfully retract user data and understand things that are working and things that are not. This approach will eliminate the risk element and will maximize the chances of your app to become appealing to users.

icon0Try delegating off-core activities: You can also try delegating additional activities like app engagement, measurement of application analytics and conversion of free subscribers into premium ones. It is better to offload these time-taking activities with pre-designed applets that are available at various smartphone engagement platforms. You can incorporate these applets in your developed application with a minimal code line.

icon0Try not to reject hybrid application development: You can use cross-platform applications and code for a single application and get multiple applications run on various covered platforms. Even though hybrid application development has a lot of drawbacks yet it is way faster than the native application development. If you are looking for a quick market penetration then cross-platform mobile apps shall be the ideal choice.

icon0Consider opting for automated testing: The use of automated testing will get you secure applications faster than the manual testing. You can expect outcomes like improved test coverage, minimized testing time, and a guaranteed bug-free product using automated testing over manual testing.

icon0Outsource to a professional app development company: Developing an app is a tedious task. You can consider outsourcing your app development projects to a professional and reliable enterprise app development company. This will help you remain competitive and relevant in the industry. Make sure you connect with an enterprise app development company that has a good work record for being on the safe side.

icon0Develop build variants: You must try to retain configurations that are required and avoid getting ones that are just not necessary. Failure to do this will slow down your mobile application’s incremental builds. Make sure you are not wasting time and efforts in compiling with unnecessary resources that hold little or no value.


App development is a complicated task. It is always advisable to outsource your app development projects to a trust-worthy enterprise app development company for deriving a more professional and useful mobile application for your client.


Quick Tips for Users to Speed Up the Development of Android Apps

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