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The Tussle between Apple and other companies does not seem to end as the chip manufacturer Qualcomm filed lawsuit on Apple for violating three patents of Qualcomm. The jury on Friday decided to give decision in favor of Qualcomm as it asks Apple to pay 31 Million USD.

One of the technology could allow a smartphone get connected quickly to internet as soon as a device is turned on. The other is based on graphics processing and battery life. The third technology shifts traffic between a phone’s application processor and Internet device.

The decision of the jury also makes the next trial between the two companies very important as Apple could possibly loose 1 Billion Dollar for Qualcomm’s more patents violation. The clash however between the two started a few years ago when Apple and Intel accused Qualcomm of creating a monopoly in the chip market. According to Federal Trade Commission who helped Apple and Intel that time, “royalty rates of Qualcomm were so high that no other company could thing to enter the market”.

Qualcomm welcomed jury’s decision in its favor by saying that it is just the start. Apple should never forget that the technologies we brought in only allowed Apple to enter the market and become successful.

Apple however was disappointed with the verdict of the jury. Apple’s spokesperson released a statement saying “Qualcomm’s ongoing campaign of patent infringement claims is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the larger issues they face with investigations into their business practices in US federal court, and around the world”.

Apple’s Engineer created the Technology which Qualcomm is claiming

Both the companies made their claims to the patent technology. Apple said that one of their then Engineer made some important contributions and hence his name should be on the patent technology which Qualcomm didn’t. Apple continued its accusations by saying that Qualcomm had stole their idea when the companies were working on bringing Qualcomm chips into Apple iPhones.

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As it looked that Apple’s claims might be genuine, the Engineer Arjuna Siva who initially backed out of appearance decided to appear this Monday. The jury however said that Apple cannot claim Arjuna to be the Inventor of the technology.

This tussle is old enough between the two 

Apple’s lawyer Juanita Brooks accused Qualcomm of retaliating because of old issues. She said that in 2016, when Apple brought in Intel to provide chip technology to iPhone devices, it was when Qualcomm was not happy and was waiting for patent claims which are as old as dust.

In present times, Intel is providing chips and hardware to Apple devices including i Phones, iPad etc. According to Apple, “Qualcomm went into a drawer, dusted off some old patents, and threw them against the wall to see if they’d stick”. Qualcomm however replied to this saying that it is our patent and since they have violated it, we are entitled to get what we deserve.

Qualcomm gains momentum as the Jury awards it $ 31 Million

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