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Fluper is known for its exceptional services in delivering progressive web apps for e-commerce sites at affordable rates, helping them to enhance user experiences.

Ever since the inception of progressive web apps in 2015, the concept has proven to be quite fruitful, especially for e-commerce sector. PWAs are generally websites that are progressively enhanced to function like an app for any platform. Apart from functioning successfully on browsers, PWAs support all elementary features of an app and can even work offline. An Android app development company usually prefers such kind of app development as it supports affordability in app development and make PWAs work on all devices with a single code base. The way mobile commerce is gaining momentum, businesses need to offer a suitable platform for users that can enhance their experience in shopping. In this blog, we will discuss some top progressive web apps for e-commerce and how this concept offers seamless app-like experience for users.

Why Do Ecommerce Businesses need PWAs-

Every ecommerce business has its own set of challenges that need to be evaluated before considering any app development methodology. However, PWAs offer several advantages that can transform emerging needs of ecommerce businesses. Let’s take a look on some crucial factors that demand for progressive web app development for ecommerce sector.

Why Do Ecommerce Businesses need PWAs

Ideal Option for Startups

The benefits that progressive web apps offer includes affordable app development with limited resources and opportunity to reach out wider audience with it. Both these aspects keep immense importance for startups to gain instant recognition and find the best place for their business in the market.

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Android Users

Progressive web apps are currently not optimized for iOS users. It targets Android users only and most of the startups target android users primarily to gain maximum attention for their products.

Speed & Accessibility

Speed & Accessibility

This is another major aspect that ecommerce businesses need to focus on. According to Google, users abandon websites which take more than 3 seconds to load. In todays fast-paced technological era, speed remains a crucial concept to remain in the competition.


If your ecommerce website is responding slow or not getting you expected amount of traffic on web, progressive web apps for ecommerce can prove to be the best alternative for this. You can simply redesign your website into a PWA and rejoice umpteen benefits.

Understanding the Difference Among Native, Hybrid & Web Apps

With millions of apps popping up on app stores, there remains a wide range of mobile applications that businesses need to develop according to their business requirements. Among these are:

Native Apps: As its name suggests, these apps perform natively for a specific platform. These apps are best known for offering exceptional user experience as the complete concept is based on the platform type that a user will be using to run this app.

Hybrid Apps: These apps also perform just like native apps but the only difference is that hybrid apps run through web browsers. An Android app development company uses same programming language both for native app development and hybrid apps but hybrid apps require single codebase with much lesser resources than native apps.

Progressive Web Apps: Websites often switch to a different design when these are accessed through mobile devices. Progressive web apps are best known for their advancements and innovations which they offer to your business website in form of mobile applications.

Let’s discuss these three types of apps on some crucial parameters so that you get a clear idea of which app you need for your business.


You need to download and install a native app o your mobile to run it whereas users don’t need to undergo tedious installation process. They can add PWAs to their home screens and enjoy seamless user experience just like any other app.

Development Cost

Unlike native apps; a mobile app development company uses extensive tech stacks to offer different set of features for different platforms, web apps can be easily developed using a single codebase and deploying the app for various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. This certainly makes PWAs, a much affordable app development option.


PWAs totally outpace any other app type in this regard. As search engines index such apps, these can be easily found by the users. Users have to search for native apps on their respective app stores and becomes a tedious process to find an app among millions available on the app store.

Offline Functionality

A progressive web app doesn’t require active internet connection to perform and this makes them exceptionally good when compared to other apps. Users can easily order things using such apps even when there is no internet connection available on their devices.

Progressive web apps for ecommerce are indexed by Google and you can use any marketing technique used for a website on such apps. The single-coded development, wider approach towards your target audience, and affordability that PWAs offer makes them a fit choice for any ecommerce business to adopt this app development method.

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