Sooner apps will be congenial over 100 of devices. These have encompassed over the tablets, smart-watches apart from the smartphones. With the upcoming technologies app trends are changing constantly. These concepts have comprehended from the Internet of Things, Augmented reality to Wearable app development. This fascination has been further intensified by the innovation in wearable devices unveiled at the CES 2017. In the realm of Wearable technology, current intelligence has occupied to be the next trend setter in the world of gadget technology as well as mobile usability.

The WatchOS 3.2 beta 3 which was released last week, disclosing what features can be expected by the Apple Watch owners. This have evidenced the fact that wearable technology is turning to be ubiquitous. This technology has come a long way shrinking the size of the Microprocessors which sprung up the concept of wearable computing Devices. This can be taken as the opportunities for millions in order to get the app compatible for a wider wearable devices. So, wearable app development has turned to be quite inevitable for the further development.

A right place to invest in Android Wear App Solutions/ Apple Watch App solutions

Fluper is proud to have accomplished some of the most flourishing projects on wearable devices from Smart Band, Smart &Apple Watch App Development to Google Glass Application Development. So, here is a look at some of our endowments for the devices:

Smart Band Application Development

mobile apps

By employing scientific HRV technology we moved forward into the market of Wearable app development. Our professionals are possessing all the attributes of wearable application Development Company in India. We provide the most remarkable Smart Band Application Development in order to deliver wearable application in the most prolific as well as intelligent Apple Watch as well as Android Wear app solution. We ascertain that the end result would exceed the client’s expectations.

Google Glass Application Development

Google App Development

Since it has the Android base which is considered to be the biggest advantage for Glass Apps which is expected to be the next opportunity to leverage the maximum benefit.

So if you are really looking for the Smart Glass Developer, Fluper is the right firm to be approached if you appreciate innovation.

Launched Smart & Apple Watch App Development

Smart Phone App

We have bifurcated the concept of Wearable Application development into Android Wear App Solutions and Apple Watch App Solutions. It encompasses from Android/ Apple watch UI/UX design, regularly performs compatibility testing and portability, day-to-day maintenance and enhancement, and resourceful custom Android/ Apple watch apps. We have covered from health and Fitness apps to other utility apps.

What benefits can be leverage from Fluper

  • Our personnel’s are not only knowledgeable but experienced in the same domain. With Fluper, you will be aware about every procedure and ensure constant participation in the wearable app development.
  • We have created Android smart watch Application covered versatile clients and industries.
  • We employ the latest tools and applications
  • We possess more than 3 years of experience in iOS and Android app development
  • We have already derived from utility apps to event apps
  • Maintain honesty as well as clarity
  • We handle the each projects with the dedicated developers.

Hence, if you are desperately looking for the wearable application developer for the next Apple watch app solutions or Android smart watch, then get in touch to hire Wearable app developer. Since Fluper is the renowned Wearable application Development industry in India, it fabricates the apps as per the requirements of the clients accomplished within the give budget and stipulated time-period.

Apart from innovation, what else?

  • We believe in protecting confidential data hence adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Starting of project instantly
  • We create Authentic and most secured product
  • Employing the most unique, and trustworthy tools and technologies
  • Adhere to the agile procedure of working
  • Our executive are friendly in nature and believe in utmost transparency, after all its your real time and money invested.




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