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As Eliot Buchanan attempted to pay his Harvard tuition bill by using his credit card, the request was refused as the university claimed it would not approve a loan. He also introduced Plastiq to understand the same issue with thousands of multiple transactions, such as desk, contract and seller pays. Plastiq lets users compensate for something by using credit cards.


Plastiq reported today that in a Series D round led by the Capital Fund, it has received $75 million in danger funding. The round was also attended by Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, Accomplice and Top Tier Finance Investors. This round would generate over $140 million of the company’s overall estimated risk funding.

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Users insert the details of their credit card on the Plastiq website to use Plastiq. In exchange, Plastiq charges a commission of 2.5% to you and covers the expenses. In reality, SMBs still account for 90 percent of the sales, according to Buchanan, while Plastiq was founded with customers in mind. The latest round of funding would invest in the creation of functions to provide SMBs with quicker payment services.

Plastiq collects $75 Million

Plastiq gives SMBs and clients a means of paying bills and maintaining stable cash flow. For instance, restaurants often experience a decrease in income due to seasonal factors or pandemic lockdowns like we now encounter with COVID-19. Perhaps leisure companies for towns that have trouble drawing tourists. These businesses do require cash flow, so they may also compensate vendors’ off-season with credit cards using Plastiq’s service.

Competition from other firms is not absent and they are still seeking to address challenges in small-scale cash flow. According to Buchanan, conventional lenders and companies like Kabbage and Fundbox are Plastiq’s main competitors. Different statements may be made on Brex, which offers companies with a credit card to access funding more easily.

Kabbage funds SMBs with digital business loans. Centered on good relationships with banks and giants including Alibaba, SoftBank-backed joined $200 million in a revoluted credit line in July, offering exposure to more customers. Last year, computer loans to SMBs amount to about $2-3 billion.

Plastiq is also on target to render transactions worth over $2 billion, according to its publication. Unlike Kabagge, though, it just delivers a payment option. Plastiq does not offer loans or credits.

“With new loans or added cash, SMBs don’t have to be burdened,” Buchanan said. “Let’s use a behavior they’ve already acquired instead of attempting to reinvent the car.”


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