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If you get tired of playing games on your TV more than even watching TV, then you might require to think about the advanced breed technology displays. Like Philips, console gaming monitors are solely made for console games and they fulfill a gamer’s desire to engage in enthralling gameplay. Philips introduced the 558M1RY display model that enables the production of an Ultra-fast response time of 4ms on a running machine.

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This Philips model comes with an Ultra HD display that is able to serve a “3840 x 2160” pixels high definition picture. Now gaming on the console is going to be more fun for your entertainment. If you are fond of playing strategy games like animal crossing because of the high bass sound then this console display completely suits your choice. This model is well furnished with a tidy speaker system that is able to produce a crunchy and crispy sound.   

Philips 558M1RY is powered by a robust technology of  Wilkins and British Hi-Fi Stalwart Bowers that can make your gameplay expressive and proclaim. Hence, during the gameplay, you will never get any distractive sound that can spoil your mission. The upgraded noise reduction system is one of the key features of this display model that eliminate unwanted sound and able to serve real-time gameplay sound which helps you to listen to any low volumed footsteps of your enemy in a mission game. 

Apart from a soothing sound system that fully fills your gaming soul, this display model appeared with all-new Ambiglow technology that made this monitor stand out. It helps to extend the display beyond the screen frame via LEDs that are configured at every edge of the display panel. 

The introduction of the 558M1RY display by Philips in the console gaming industry will change the vives of old-fashioned gaming style and set up a new era of console gaming by ticking up all the required boxes that gamers want.

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