Who doesn’t wish to check out the latest iPhone applications making way into the app store on a routine basis?? Even, if you are not a proud owner of an Apple smartphone, you still carry the curiosity to check on the applications for iPhone users and compare them with the Android ones. Apple has never strayed away from innovation and creativity, rendering an incredible app user experience, keeping up with the latest apps development trends. But such creative ideas, in the guise of iOS mobile applications, do not come free of cost and few of them can be quite exorbitantly high. However, the iPhone mobile app developers, often, put up for sale few, otherwise paid iPhone applications, for free in the iOS App Store but for a limited time period.

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So, which are the 7 paid iPhone applications that are available for free but for the limited time period??

CubicToDo- This a To-do- application that renders an enjoyable app navigating experience playing with the three-dimensional cube. One can easily move forward or backward through the pages by swiping left or right, enter new items into the existing list and also edit the existing ones in the list. Harness this application benefit in fields such as project management, the inventory list of travel, shopping list etc.

Movie Spirit- This free version of paid iPhone app combines various media elements such as video, photo, music, text, and voice with a touch of personal creativity to explore the hidden talent of a would-be filmmaker or cinematographer. Also, app user owns the option to add a range of effects such as scene switching effects, text animation, etc to the existing video clips downloaded from the device’s library.

Fake GPS Pro Location Spoofer- A fake GPS enabled iPhone application designed especially for those who wish to fake their original physical location. Fake GPS location pinpoints user’s whereabouts at a place they wish others to think by selecting the fake location and forward the ‘GPS reading’ to whosoever he/she wishes to trick coupled up with a link to Google Maps, without altering the real GPS location of the device.

GIF Me- Such GIFs are quite popular, shared across different social media platforms. What best can create such short videos in animated GIF or MP4 then this particular iPhone application? Capture a small moment with the built-in camera, accompanied with an image filter to share on social networks, gets simpler and smoother courtesy this app.

Emoji Camera- This application directly feeds in unique emojis and filters, available in the application library to the images taken from the device’s camera to give a different appeal to the images. Just click a photo or draw from the gallery and stick any emoji on it, altering the shape and scale as desired. Other app features are similar to any other image editor apps available in the app stores.

Instant Voice Translator Pro- A professional translator and interpreter free version of otherwise paid iPhone application, available only for a crisp time period, can translate any language into three others at the same time. All is required is to just speak out any dialogue and the Multi Translate feature converts the same into text and then translating into any three desired languages allowing the user to listen to the pronunciation of each language, even when the device is muted.

iSchool- i-School application is an educational mobile application covering two major topics, optimized into study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner which is designed mainly for schools and universities alike. The minimalistic app features yet catering to a wide range of subjects, everything a student requires to aid in his/her studies. This app will help the student to catch up with the missed courses via convenient class and study-schedule, textbooks, homework and notes etc. attached to specific classes with timetable schedules to track, homework notifications, grades, and grade’s average supported with pictures or voice recordings as notes for future reference.

Wrapping Up

You need to track the paid iPhone applications that are coming free of cost in App store, available for a short duration or else you might end up losing the opportunity to access an interesting application, something you probably had been seeking for quite some time. Either you be the early bird in catching the worm or shed a few dollars to purchase the same. Visit the app store NOW and get your deal.  If the app costs money, that means the deal is over and you just missed your chance.

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