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The maker of WordPress on why .blog journal was worth $19...

Today the organization behind WordPress.com, Automattic, uncovered that it had unobtrusively procured the rights to run the ".blog" domain a year ago for a...

Sustainability In Information Technology

It is often said “Survival of the fittest”. To realize this renowned parlance; we must be aware with the word sustainable development which starts...
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Cognitive Computing in Healthcare: The Upcoming Frontier

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Top 7 Best Mobile App Development Companies In USA

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Web Development Process in Fluper

Fluper, a self-praised organisation accords to offer highly precocious and effective PHP web and web application services. Fluper has highly competent and a full-fledged team...
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Top 5 Android App Development Companies in 2018

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AI Bots are user-friendly but are challenging at times

Who said that inventions are devoid of errors and challenges? The mobile app development companies are quite familiar with this point, encountering challenges at...


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