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Tesla is Cutting its Workforce by 7%

As per the recent news, Tesla has proclaimed plans to diminish its full-time employees by around 7%. The reason behind is that it is...



Healthcare App development: Categories, Cost and Advancements

In the last few decades, information technology has become an inseparable part of the medical sphere. Nowadays, healthcare providers, as well as patients, are...

4 Ways That Will Blow The Trumpet For Your Apps Loudly

Mobile application marketing is an unpredictable technique that takes up a ton of time and exertion for the advertiser included. Be that as it...
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How to Make 1000% profit from a Business App

App monetization strategies: Earn profit from your Business App

Having an application and not monetizing it can really be dangerous thing. You ask how? Imagine after some time of the launch, you have...
5 simple strategies to write the bestselling app description

5 simple strategies to write the bestselling app description

Although it cannot be overlooked with the fact that a compelling description can successfully entice as many people as possible with the ultimate motive...
Snapchat Trends You Will See in 2019

Snapchat Trends You Will See in 2019

Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social messaging and photo sharing apps across the globe; making its...
Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach with These Methods

Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach with These Methods

When it comes to social media reach, the first platform that clicks to our mind instantly is Facebook. Nowadays, brands understand how important it...
App Security

WTF (What The Frenzy)! Your App Is Not Secure! How to Enhance App Security!

If the above statement was shocking to you, then you are really in a big dilemma of security of your mobile app. When the...


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