Digital magazine is continued to be the current as well as next frontier responsible to create unlimited revenue stream options receiving from creative use as well as integration of text, video, image, social content, native advertisement etc. The Association of Magazine Media has monitored Online Magazine audiences shifted the medium from desktop to mobile devices according to monthly Magazine Media 360 Brand Audience Report. The mobile app market is proliferating faster than a beanstalk. The way it is expanding, there is although no end in the sight. Since the number of mobile apps have exponentially increased which proved the fact that the population of mobile app developers have also boomed.

Since every type of business has ensured its online presence then why not magazine into the handset!!! In case you are confident to get the most path breaking online magazine app , then there are important features which are as efficient to mitigate your tension to create online magazine app:

High speed Conversion-PDF to Digital

High speed Conversion-PDF to Digital

As more and more people are dedicating their time to use mobile devices in order to process the digital documents since they always seem to have their mobile app and tablet all the time. Hence different file formats look for the different aps in order to open the documents. There are already innumerable apps that can be used to view PDF on the mobile device. These apps are available in order to convert pdf on the smartphone and tablet. This point is beneficial for the few startups that are starting up from scratch, uploading a file or choosing a template.

Rich user interface

So what comes before the brand loyalty, then it must be quality as well as performance creating a fluid user experience which is key to the success of any mobile app development project.

User experience is an extremely crucial feature in online magazine app. Hence as far as digital landscape is concerned, user experience defines the user feels and thinks about the content of the app from his or her perspective. This rich user experience ensures that the app is valuable, simple to use as well as effective for the target market. Online app is something analogous to the online magazine app i.e. if the app is confusing, or other way round frustrating, then it is considered to be a poor UX and is aware by the mobile app development company that the users will more likely uninstall it. New apps are focusing on few features to boost online magazine:

  • Loyal user Base
  • Reducing support cost
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

These points can make the content catchy as well as interactive which enables the desirable content to be zoomed in or zoomed out. These features are sufficient not only for the written content of the writers but for the relevant audios, videos as well as images. Although it is considered that the visual content is considered to be more engaging than written content.

Rich user interface

These attributes are sufficient to give an edge over the competitor. Since the content looks for the simplicity to manage, edited as well as deleted required which highlights the hot news. Designers are dedicating sufficient time to delineate designing strategies to give the user extravagant reading experience.

Push notifications

Although push notifications are considered to be the text message that users do receive in their devices. Even the smartphone is locked, giving a particular information to the end users impelling them to a specific action. In order to receive push notifications from any mobile app then the end users must opt-in during the installation process. Although users are more likely deactivating the push notifications in case it does not prove to be desirable. But what feature of push notification really make the things favourable for online magazine app are app managers provided with the features of instantly connecting users with the hot messages.

Interactive plugins

Online magazine app looks for the most amazing content and loading web pages is one of the characteristics of any mobile app. According to Allbloggingtip, a statistic presented that 33.4% of the traffic to the website comes from mobile phones and numbers are increasing exponentially. Although various initiatives are being taken to make the website mobile responsive. These initiative has enhanced online magazine and has proved to be a boon to expand the numbers. Here WordPRess mobile plugins come into the picture. For instance Jetpack:

  • It simplifies the process of managing WordPress website which provides the user with security services, visitors as well as fast speed to upload the images.
  • It tells about the bloggers about the total visit to the website with this free plugin. By using the tools like Publicize, Enhanced Distribution, sharing as well as related posts.
  • With the help of Jetpack, it manages to obtain a strong protection service in order to secure sites from forced attacks and unauthorized logins.
  • For a beginner the tool is quite easy to use.
  • It has comes with a centralised interactive dashboard where publishing posts, managing website or viewing stats is quite quick as well as reliable.
  • This plugin speeds up the upload time pages and ensures the optimisation with the utilisation of global Content delivery network. It also reduces website band width.

Instant sharing in social media

In case you are concerned to reach the people across the reader and expand reader base, then social media is the most appropriate place in order to promote the news app as well as magazine.  With 1.86 billion active users per month. Boosting up the magazine article can bring large audience with this social media app. Another feature to allow the readers to share their article which can also improve the reader engagement as well as trigger up the sales of the magazine subscription.  

Instant sharing in social media

Fluper believes that the native pattern of selling paper magazine as well as online magazine have transformed more of a mobile version of magazine what is known to be news apps. In case you are looking for a top notch mobile application development companies, then Fluper is specialised enough to deliver the most path-breaking app in order to modulate in this impulsive competition.

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