Recently Amazon Echo and Google Home have successfully stolen limelight and will be stealing in the near future as well. These two tech giants have elucidated proactive notifications for the sake of their connected speakers. Changing the trend from listening for commands from Echo and Home will illuminate when they have to say something. Users will be even exposed to what they have missed and will be receiving notifications read to them by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Push notifications have placed itself something indispensable part of the mobile marketing. The main reason which reckons the best that these notifications do not lost under a flock of the unread messages. Apart from that, it offers real value each and every time, enables to know the audience targeted and connecting with their references. Hence it can easily establish the power to strive users outside of the app.

According to Fluper, one of the best mobile app development company the main essence of the push notifications is an intensified personal connection. Hence when customers choose push notifications, certainly they are allowing you to deliver the messages directly to their device. This is rather a big opportunity for the mobile app developers to deliver the value with the eventual results of customer engagement, conversion as well as loyalty.

Strategy 1: Think out-of-the-box

While underlining engagement strategy where the push notifications are integrated, ensure that you must deliver value so that it enhances customer engagement, conversion and loyalty which really looks for out-of-the -ox thinking. Although more often, push notifications are bring into use in an incorrect manner as just another version of email.

Think out-of-the-box

What can prove to be helpful is identifying mobile use cases: the way they are interacting with the customer? What are their ultimate needs and to find the real context of the request. Once the data are received, a robust strategy can easily be outlined to bring the push in use in order to deliver the values in the real time. Ultimately you must evaluate with other marketing strategies that will be better accommodated with. Here comes the bigger opportunity to think since companies really do consider push just as a mean to re-engage the users inactive. Here it really looks to change the outlook to realize it, not just an integrated part of the communication strategy, instead it can be regarded as the integral part of user’s mobile experience with the brand.

Deliver the push with most unique content, which enables the valuable interactions which the users have never experienced so that the ultimate motive of push notifications can easily be satisfied.

Strategy 2: Robust segmentation strategy

Just initiating a push is not one for all, it must be supported by the intelligence behind those messages. As per Marketingland users are more likely to convert by three times from a push message only when it is personalised.

Robust segmentation strategy

But how can you initiate personalisation to the users?

  • App users can be rendered with preference centre in order to customise the content which would be loved by them. They must feel free to tell you what really they are looking for, how much they want and when they want. It is although expected that they would welcome the customisation. So an easy to use panel must be provided and enable them to control what they like.
  • Enables proper stipulation of the type of information they really want to receive. Additionally, it must be clearly specified, which days of the week they prefer to receive the messages or blocking out the days when they really don’t want it to be daunted?

These strategies of personalisation will really end up a sense of ownership with the enhanced user experience.

Strategy3: Putting emphasize on timing

Identifying the optimal time in order to send a push message may be a matter of reconsideration which can be achieved with the help of comprehensive research. If you send a message at the wrong time, people will more likely ignore it As per Leanplum, a report analysed over 671MM push notification revealed the fact that 63 percent of the marketers delivers push at the wrong time.

Putting emphasize on timing

Likewise Thursday has slightly inclined to be the best day with higher click rates, although it witnesses minor variance between days. Even time of day signifies more. Reckoning to the data of Marketingland, sending messages between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. concluded with highest average click rate i.e. 15 percent.

Hence you must consider that the mobile world changes at the speed of time, hence comprehensive test will be beneficial in order to identify the best timing for push notifications.

Strategy 4: Location can be considered for enhanced relevance

With the feature of portability of mobile devices, person’s location changes accordingly. With the changing of the location, it emerges with an opportunity to deliver something fresh as well as engaging with the help of push notifications.

Location can be considered for enhanced relevance

If somehow you gather the information of the users, then there are innumerable ways to bring location into the use. This can be considered as a way to get close to the users which will lead you to get appreciation for your efforts to deliver notifications that they actually looking for. For instance if you are running a restaurant, you can send him/her reminder with respect to the location. In case of news app, then it may get you the new of the particular area you have landed.

Strategy 5: keep monitoring on sends, open and conversion

There are various metrics which will keep you versed the way push notifications are performing. In case of a low open rate, then keep on experimenting with the notification before sending them.

keep monitoring on sends, open and conversion

In case you have a good open rate with low conversions which may be a symptom that users may get lost at this particular point of conversion funnel. Hence with the stepping of opening the notification in order to take the action desired, it may end up simplifying the procedure by bringing deep linking as well as in-app instructional message which can be significant to mend the conversion.

Strategy 6: Delineating KPI

KPI is such an important topic for the success of mobile app as they help in not only measuring but also giving cognizance of the effectiveness of the app. it brings up how effectively it can be optimised for the sake of boosting the user-base as well as striving it on top of the category.

Delineating KPI

While click and conversion rates, it help to realize the initial success of a particular message but what it can’t reveal is the long-term benefits it renders to the campaign. Hence KPI like engagement, lifetime values, retention or long term conversion is highly recommended even by the top notch mobile app marketer.

Wrapping up:

Although push notifications are somehow reckoned with lot of amusement but the Science behind the push notifications must not be overlooked. Hence a proper outlining of the strategy who the ultimate user is, what he/she prefers language and at the end what is useful to him/her is significant. Hence while delivering the push notification, instead of bothering the users persistently with trivial complaints, actually help them to ensure the app’s long term survival.

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