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You must have gone through elaborate steps of getting your app featured in App Store. These steps are as difficult to get your app developed. In my previous blog, I had put my dedication to enlist some strategies to get your app featured in App Store.

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Getting your app featured in App Store is one of the happiest moments that you must have undergone without a mere knowledge that your path-breaking app is more likely to get cloned. But really what to do, if your app get cloned? Although every successful app has vivid chances to get it copied. But the question is how cloned apps manage to get accommodated in App store?

Although it is something inevitable that copycats will certainly vandalize the prospect of the successful app and in long term, it would harm the brand since they are terrible. But what really ends up getting it intensified? Since some users will be perplexed and will purchase the alternative one by mistake. Hence the chances of getting the cloned one downloaded is quite vivid as they are quite cheaper as compared to the genuine one.

As far as Apple is concerned, then official is against this and try each and every step to control the chances of getting your app cloned. When Flappy Bird Mania strived its height, then another game called Flappy Dragon was rejected from getting it accommodated into the App Store. The reason which is although quite explanatory in itself, since it had the lot more chances to leverage popularity from the favoured app.

Since this would make the hard work of mobile app development companies weightless, hence there are few more strategies that must be followed in order to alleviate the chances of getting your app cloned.

Consider the gentleman’s move

Writing is although considered as a gentleman’s approach. Send an email while addressing the issue and give them opportunity to get back to you with their part of justification. Don’t try to jump yourself into the elaborate legal process. Hence try to solve this matter with a simple email yet written in a firm language.

Consider the gentleman’s move

In case you are not able to find the email address, then you can easily land up in the support contact accommodated on the app Store profile page. Even Whois can be employed since it provides the required domain name registered, in case they possess landing page.

Bring DMCA into picture

Digital Millennium Copyright Act although applicable only in United States, but in other countries as well, there are provisions to deal with intellectual property theft online. DMCA renders protection for service providers from copyright infringement lawsuits.

Bring DMCA into picture

Bringing this type of institution is although considered to be the cost as well as time saving. All it needs is to identify the official address of the infringing app and send them notice. It has been considered that offenders are more likely comply with this kind of notice in order to avoid unnecessary legal procedure.

The App Store must be informed

As far as actions of Apple are concerned against app cloners, it focuses on technicalities, considering an approach that is analogous to the legal ideas which legislates against the cloned product in order to protect the genuine one and alleviate the chances of getting misled by the consumers.

If all approaches are in vein, take the support of social media

All the aforesaid steps are failed, then try to drag them on the social media. Social media which is gradually turning into new moral police. What can proved to be a handy weapon, then it has to be forums. Hence it is advisable to spare some efforts while documenting the entire case with date, images as well as documents, in case you have.

If all approaches are in vein, take the support of social media

There are some forums like Stack Overflow, Hacker News etc. that are considered to be a better way with appropriate suggestions and actionable steps. Although, it is an ethical step, trying to elucidate the links of the cloned app as well as the link of your own app which can only be possible after identifying yourself as the copy-write owner. It is essential since it would validate the entire case.

Connect with a Patent lawyer

Although this can be only possible, in case you have undergone registered trademarks which is although an expensive step. A lawyer would initiate his or her process after sending an official Cease as well as Desist letter in order to halt purportedly yet unlawful activity. The job of the patent lawyer here is to safeguard the trademarked properties and ultimately seek compensation from the offenders.

Connect with a Patent lawyer

Since it is considered to be a pricey step, then certainly it may or may not worthwhile entirely in case app is not generating sufficient revenue.

Precautions are always appreciated

  • Too much revealing is injurious: In case you are pitching your ideas to the concerned client, then it is recommended to reveal only the necessary details.
  • Use Non-Disclosure Agreement: It protects the million dollar idea before getting it revealed it to workers as well as other associates.

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  • Provisional Patent can be applied for; although it can be somewhat out of reach to the startup. Hence with the provisional patent your idea can be protected for atleast first year.

The Verdict

Pitching is something which is although becomes essential at some point but what is becoming a matter of concern is getting the app cloned which get the prospect of even mobile app developers vulnerable. Hence while developing the mobile, you must be ready to craft a strategy in case your app got cloned. This is although not out of reach, since you and your mobile app designers and developers have created a break through mobile app which is more likely to get cloned out of jealousy. It endangers the large investment, hence these steps can be taken in order to protect your million dollar idea.

In case you have any queries or suggestion to give, then feel free to contact Fluper, a top notch mobile app development company known to develop the most path breaking mobile app.

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