Our very own search engine guru, Google has made it possible for amateur Android app developers to upload their own designed mobile applications in the Play Store. This goes without a doubt that such a move boost up the budding developers out there. But what is the next chapter of the story? Amidst millions of applications, how can anybody ensure their application draws maximum visitors?? iPhone application development companies, on the other hand, do not enjoy such a laxity from Apple’s app stores. However, few rules are common for both the mobile app development companies, and i.e the metrics to follow in order to reach the desired objective pertaining to the designed application performance.

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SEO is a very crucial term for digital marketers; the success of their sites largely depends on search engine optimized ranking in the Google search engine page. ASO is the new term doing the rounds lately. This is nothing but App store optimization and works along the similar line to that of SEO technique but is applicable to mobile applications ranking in the app stores. But obvious the search queries are not as refined in the app store as is the case with search engine queries yet lack of a stringent analysis of App Store searches can jeopardize the developed applications. iOS and Android app development companies need to familiarize themselves with the ASO metrics before embarking on the new journey.

But, first, what is App Store Optimization?

Google the term ASO, you land up with many links leading you to a detailed study of the topic. To define it in minimal words, ASO can be explained as the cumulative and intricate process involved with refining the visibility of a mobile application in the App Store. ASO is building along the same line to that of Search Engine Optimization, solely dedicated for Apps only.

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The above definition is likely to clear most of your confusion with the term in reference. Now it’s time to dig into the ASO metrics for the budding app developers to follow

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Let’s begin with the stages:

  • Ideation and market research- if there is an idea popping up in your mind, the first and foremost requirement is a detailed market research on future possibilities, prospective customers, and competitive analysis. Step into the customers’ shoes and conduct your survey to obtain best market insights.


  • Define the core objective of the application- Your mind must be clear on the core objective based on which you are likely to develop the application by planning out strategies suited to it. If you are planning to monetize the app then the approach will be different to developing an informative app.


  • Categorizing the idea- Be sure of selecting the category properly slims down the search results and exert the strong influence on app ranking. If you follow the best iOS app development companies, they are more careful in detailing their app categories such messaging, shopping, dating or food categories since Apple reviews each app before publishing it on the app store to render a revamped app store.


  • Catchy yet crispy title and met description- Complicated titles and meta can drive away traffic from your application. Crisp, cool titles are in which are descriptive but relevant, keyword rich yet unique not exceeding 30 characters. Also, the few sentences added to the meta description are self-explanatory such that users read without having to tap to read more.

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  • Attention seeking yet easy-peasy logo- Again, the logo needs to be well designed layered with creativity, unique and attention seeking yet simple comprising of a single symbol colored in vibrant hues to stand out in the crowd of million apps.


  • Prominent content marketing strategy- Content is the very base on which the entire structure rests. ‘Pen is powerful than the sword’, and the power rests in the writers’ pen to actually influence the readers with convincing words.


  • App store keyword analysis- Keywords does play a key role in digital marketing strategy, be it SEO optimized web pages or ASO optimized applications. Keywords strategically stuffed across the application displays the app in the search result page. Select high relevant keywords and research on the specific words your viewers are likely to use to search for an app similar to yours.


  • App design- Now comes the crucial part of the entire journey. If the application design fails to retain the viewers for long then the entire effort gets dumped in the bin. Images, screenshots or videos can be used as illustrations in the store to inspire the viewers, also giving them a clear insight into the main purpose of your application. Make sure the app is free of bugs and glitches allowing hassle free navigation across its structure.


  • Adopt full proof promoting- Application promotion is crucial to make the users aware of the existence of such an application in the app store. Instead of choosing the app from the myriad options, they can directly type-in the title of the app in the search place. Images and videos are key marketing tools need to be exploited sensibly to get your message across.


  • Routine application updates- Market is capricious. Make sure that your application undergoes routine updates to adapt to the latest devices or versions of the OS as well. So, fixing bugs and errors from time to time requires frequent updates ensuring quality user experience. Do mention notes in the app description to notify users of the changes introduced.


  • App localization- Sticking to one particular language for your application can prove detrimental if you plan to target the global audience. Developing multilingual applications approach variant users even though they do not speak the application language. Offering localized services with low-cost translation proves to be the best choice for developers to obtain maximum output.


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Summing Up

Patience is the key to success. Do not lose patience even if the application fails to pull in immediate desired results. But well thought of and planned strategies designed based on App store optimization metrics can boost up the developed application to top the viewer search list.

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