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New York is the city with approximately 8 million + people living on the area of 500 square miles which makes it diverse culturally and then the mobile app development has and can solve a lot of barriers that exist for the people who migrate in search of the job in the big city unable to communicate effectively. New York city comprises of five towns namely Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island and people move from one place to another because of number of factors such as studies, work or passion but they hardly think through the survival there right from getting a place and getting adjusted so the classified apps is for the people who love to relocate but avoid because the hustle it takes settling in.

Let us check out some classified apps in NYC

1. OLX app

Olx website is spread across forty-five countries and has launched the mobile apps as well with the changing technology trends.You can post the ads for free in the apps like this and negotiate the prices in a chat window.

2.Quikr app

Quikr is another big competition in the market of advertising posts and classifieds. It is simple to use for any user and categorize the item they wish to sell and the needy can easily filter the other items and concentrate the one needs to be brought.

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3.Gumtree app

Unlike other advertisement apps, Gumtree emphasized on the security bit to avoid unnecessary costs of the advertisement.Once you post your ad it is being verified and placed in the exact category and the user is notified once the post is made public.

4. Locanto

Locanto is available for both Android and iOS platform and works excellently in competition with other apps. It also allows the user to make a correction to its post so that if the sale is rigid then the users can edit and post a fresh ad.

5. NL Classifieds

NL classifieds does nothing special than the other apps because its made too add posts and then continue the bid while the buyers approach you. The users can showcase the item with the help of multiple photos to give a clear idea of the same.

6. KSL Classified

KSL classifieds have spread the number of categories one can search from not just the second-hand goods but also the ads like vacancy, job requirement, and cars at cheaper rates. This app got hold of both Android and iOS app development and approached both the audiences.

7. Varage Sale

Varage sale apart from providing a buying and selling platform helps locate the items listing in the database and users are not stuck for the item which is already sold and still is available on the list. The item can be marked sold, pending and available by the person who wishes to sell the items and avoid unlimited phone calls.

8. Wish local

Wish local also focused on the security bit more than just trading platform by introducing a private chat among the users to keep the conversation safe, secure and easy to negotiate. The app is again available for both Android and iOS.

9. Letgo

Letgo helps people earn money by letting them sell the furniture and utensils they don’t need anymore with an online payment gateway in the app after the deal is made. They also integrate with all the digital modes for payment.

10. 5 miles app

This app is best suitable to know the available items in the neighborhood and the user is verified through the mobile number before it initiates a deal.The login is accessed through email and Facebook to avoid multiple passwords.

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Getting hold of the furniture at the lowest price is an achievement but how are you going to use your bargaining skills in a city where you know none well only if you don’t have a smartphone. So login to one of these apps to crack the best deals in the advertisement published in the classified apps and avoid roaming around for a perfect place to rent. Fluper is one of the best iOS and Android app development company in the USA so if you have such idea and don’t know how to get an app for your restaurant Fluper is where you can reach for an app like the above.

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