Although it’s been a while to enter in the brand new year of 2017, developing an elementary mobile app is not a complicated process. But in the era of digitization where versatile app is on the top priority, achieving perfection is quite ambitious. Committing a casual mistake can be a fundamental sin. What is the procedure to trim down the number of mistakes?

  • Identify those apps which could not withstand the users expectation

  • Measuring an enticing experience

  • By taking inspiration from majestic apps apart from the plethora of defeated apps.

Although these solutions can be very effective in alleviation of committing in errors. These can be mind-boggling, but no solution can be as effective as suggestions from those who are regularly developing mobile app. To correspond effectiveness it may prove to be a decent attempt to develop a mobile application with limited data. In spite of immense attempts, developers end up some sort of mistakes unintentionally and this springs up with further complications. So, it is quite essential to have knowledge regarding the common mistakes which are committed while developing an application.

Adding up unnecessary features

While UI designers confides with the responsibility of posing the elements while the UX designers are accountable on heightening up the user experience. But to intensify the user experience and in motive of creating a versatile app, developers end up adding unnecessary features. But for a user-friendly mobile application, it must be designed to fulfil interlinked processes, but needs to come up with fistful of features.

So it is quite fundamental to identify the primary feature that would enhance the functionality of the app. Because inclusion of unnecessary app confines the overall performance and can circuitously can make the app sulky.

Insufficient app testing before the launch

To avoid the excess cost, developers try to neglect this expense. But while developing an app, it is quite essential to determine the mobile apps without bug and error. It must be undertaken by the professionals. It should be kept in the mind that tiniest mistake may enable to loss the precious time as well as money. So testing the app rigorously is quite indispensable.

So to keep out of this scenario it must include the testing cost within the contract or there must be a separate slot for the development cost when undergoing an app development.

Ignoring Analytics

We cannot envisage to launch a website without running through the tracking tool for example Google Analytics. But analytics enables an actionable insights to get a robust platform. It is one of the sources which gives an instinctive idea to give an inspiring mobile app. For the sake of optimisation, there you need a proper data-drive mobile app development.

It goes the same with the app too. The essential part of the analytics is to take data driven decision on the content, designs and also the user experience. To get the valuable insights, it is beneficial to use the analytics services like LodgeNet and Flurry analytics which enable to measure the App crashes, App engagement Retention Rate by using these analytics services.

Ambiguity over OS support and Device

Providing a limited details in the proposal can endanger the relationship you want to build with your client. Fractional information can prove to be hazardous. For example if you avoid specifying your estimates more than the ios development, then it might give a vision that the costs include Android. If somehow there is no notion of the device I.e. whether it would run on the ipad or not, then you have to fix it at free of cost without any deviation from the contract. Irrespective of how close you are with the deal, you are croaked under the peer of competition. Hence it is quite essential to indicate the version , device support and OS.

At the beginning of the development, it is very important to get the cost right which includes a bifurcation of OS, device and version.

Not ready with backup plan to combat post-launch bugs

Although even after testing, the app errors and bugs manage to slither. Whenever client point you out the developer, the error is resolved immediately. To avoid unplanned adventure, always go for an agreement . If the bug reported is your fault, then to get the protection you should go for unlimited debugging sessions once the app has been approved and instead the error is not your fault, then you might be rewarded.

To avoid the excess-cost developer should be asked to insert post-launch bug fixing.


To avoid the mobile app development mistake, these errors should be avoided because in the long-run it can intensify complexities.

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