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Facebook former chief is advising CEO Mark (Zuckerberg) to step down, to becoming the second former FB executive to scrutinize the company’s leader this month. FB’s ex-security chief Alex Stamos said at the collision conference in Toronto, “Mark (Zuckerberg) needs to give up some of that power”. He didn’t stop here; he also said: “If I was him, I would hire a new CEO for the FB”. He argued during the conference and said hire a CEO that can help signal both externally as well as internally that the culture has to change. He recommends the name of “Brad Smith”, who is the president of Microsoft for this position.

Mark (Zuckerberg) and FB have been struggling with a series of security and privacy issues over the last year. Concerns such as struggles over moderating, Cambridge Analytica scandal, and concerns about disinformation. The social network had attracted the scorn of lawmakers and anticipates a fine of up to $5 billion for its privacy violations. Alex is well acquainted with the subject, having played a central role in FB’s response to interference on its platform by Russian trolls in the 2016 US presidential election. He has a reputation for confronting other company leaders about challenging privacy issues.

According to The New York Times’ recent opinion, Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes said the government must hold Mark (Zuckerberg) accountable, adding that it is time to break up the social networking giant. Calls to break up FB aren’t new, but Alex argued that such a move wouldn’t solve issues such as manipulating ad targeting or disinformation campaigns for political purposes.”There’s lots of excitement for antitrust for the reason that it feels good to be like ‘I hate this company, so let’s break it up,'” Alex Stamos said. “Having 3 companies that have the same fundamental issues doesn’t make anything better.”

Statements by COO of FB and Mark …

Zuckerberg is also working as Chief Product Officer after the recent departure of Christophe Cox. Both COO and Mark (Zuckerberg) have said breaking FB won’t serve any purpose. Mr. Sandberg gave a statement to CNBC, ”You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don’t address the underlying problems people are concerned about”. A number of United State Senators have also called for breaking up the social network among repeated data breaches and privacy violations on the platform. Mr. Senator Kamala Harris the candidate of democratic presidential has worried that authorities should take a serious look at breaking up FB as the social network platform is a “utility that has gone unregulated”.

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Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO: FB Former Security Chief

Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO: FB Former Security Chief

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