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You get innumerable reasons to opt for Apple over Google and every time iPhone has just proved that it is the premium device if you are looking for quality service. Well! I am not exactly opinionating against an Android operating system. Over the years, the operating system has displayed striking examples of its masterpiece but Apple continued to retain its position. iOS app developers have carried forward Apple’s take on innovation aptly portraying their developing prowess when it comes to converting unique ideas into exemplary applications. Now if we speak about protecting your device from the malware attack, again Apple scored points off its competitor. Speaking either of the iPhones, operating system and or the iPhone application development services, security is something that receives unbiased attention from the makers without compromises made on the quality of the output.

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The year 2017 has been strategic for both the operating systems where mega events organized by either unveiled an updated version of the same along with highly advanced gadgets. Irrespective of mindboggling announcements made by the Search Engine Guru, Apple succeeded in knocking off its competitor yet again when the question of security is raised before them. Malicious cybercriminals lurking in the technical loopholes take advantage of any weakness present in the security system of the device or the operating system, which eventually can prove detrimental if the same is implemented to cater enterprise mobility solutions. Hence observing robust security is crucial to sustaining the vulnerable market overpopulated with malware and viral software. If you happen to be an entrepreneur looking for developing an application by availing the service of a dedicated mobile developer hired to feed with useful insights, then it is advisable to make a comparative analysis of the operating systems with respect to security measures observed or else be prepared to lose out data to the competitors.

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Both Google and Apple are struggling to beat off the recurring malware with secured operating systems, yet Apple beats its competitor each time. Experts trust iOS platform more than Android one but there must be solid reasons that work behind their decision-making. Well! Let us find out the reasons why iOS is better than Android with reference to security??

We begin with:

iconOpen source of Android allows anyone gain access to whatever is going on in the platform. The openness of the platform allows cybercriminals to spread their malware where the mobile app developers have the minimal role to play in the security of their application. Nevertheless, Apple has stringent terms imposed with respect to downloads, exerting full control over the software. However, anyone can launch their app on the Google Play Store thereby exposing users’ smartphones to lurking criminals.

iconRobust security for an enterprise is essential if an application is to be designed for the free flow of data and information catering seamless decision-making. Apple does not grant permission to the third parties to view any security data and exert control over the infrastructure of the device wherein Android grants permission to go through confidential details. Android will only leave your enterprise app more vulnerable to competitors and criminals.

iconApp testing is essential before releasing the application out to the market. Apple does not spare even a tiny glitch or a single margin of errors, having well-defined stringent parameters for each developed application to overcome successfully. Google has outlined similar proceedings but the search engine is not as thorough with the tests as Apple is thereby exposing the applications open to malware attack.

iconA secured payment gateway is a topmost priority for any mCommerce application if it has to allow users to conduct transaction across their platform. Users remain concerned with the security of their confidential data pertaining to their credit card details and internet banking. Irrespective of Google Wallet and Samsung Pay, Apple Pay has proved superior to offering improved security features including Touch ID system authenticating the transaction through user fingerprints giving a better experience to the users.

iconJailbreak in phones gives options to override the software restrictions. Many say it is impossible to achieve this, especially on iPhones. But as the saying goes, Nothing is impossible, difficult: Well it is!! This is a different story for Android especially when the messaging app has proved to be highly vulnerable owing to the open code. However, Apple keeps one eye on its iPhone developers and any attempt made at jailbreak will only result in the phone being locked down.

So, make your decision: iOS is the ultimate operating system for enterprise apps.

Final notes

Enterprises indulge more in custom mobile application development services where in-house development team exposes the application to a lot of risk of being attacked by cyber thefts with use of open-source code. Your data is not safe and competitors get a score over you by stealing crucial information or creating even more irreplaceable havoc to the enterprise network. Remain vulnerable to damaging technology is definitely not a solution. The alternative is to seek out an operating system that guarantees robust security measures for long-term protection to the application. Apart from the mentioned points, it is observed in 2016 report that Android is under bigger threat from malware against iOS. Android is widespread among different devices which makes it all the more difficult for the developers to safeguard their application from being infiltrated with malware. Top-rated mobile app development companies such as Fluper involved with designing enterprise apps can consider opting for iOS OS owing to the sternest policies observed by the mother company.

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