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In the era of smartphones and their emerging technology, we cannot imagine a life without GPS navigation. Navigation is not only serving us to explore a location or find a route but, it also helps in business expansion by providing localized services at right time. Because of this reason, the trends of location based app development are increasing.

Location-based mobile apps aren’t simply for finding directions, places, or people.

Retailers are already utilizing geofencing technology to convey notifications to customers who are nearby. Users of social networking apps can designate locations while publishing text, video, or photographs. Weather apps leverage the user’s location to give notifications about current weather conditions. Now, many mobile apps are created with the combination of geolocation features.

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So, this is the high time for businesses to make by investing in the location based app development. If you ask how to expand business in my area by using a navigation system, we’ll recommend you to go for location based app without any doubt.

Market share of Location Based app:

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global Location-Based Services (LBS) Market Size is expected to reach USD 66.61 Billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 20.0% between 2022 and 2028. These possibilities of massive market growth of location-based services indicate that you can be the business icon of your area by investing in the location based app development.

What is location based app development?

What is location based app development

Mobile apps that present services depending on the user’s location are known as location-based apps.

For example, you may have received a notification from Google asking you to rate a restaurant where you recently dined. Other organizations can use the same technology to send personalized alerts to their users’ geo location. Wi-Fi, cell tower, and satellite/GPS data are used to transmit location information.

How to expand business in my area by using location based services:

To know the answer of how to expand business in my area by using navigation app, you need to know the basic function of location based app and those are as follows.

  • The information function informs the user about nearby things.
  • The ability to know the position of other users is referred to as a social function.
  • Communication function: the ability to register a location on the map, offer feedback about a location or read other people’s reviews, and attach your content (a photo or a text message) to a specific location on the map.
  • Marketing function: Targeted incentive marketing initiatives for consumer connection.

Benefits of location based app development:

Benefits of location based app development

You can be a business icon of your area by using the functionalities of location based apps. But, make sure that you’ve chosen the right location based app development company for this purpose.

1.  Provide the precise location and quick service:

GPS technology assists in pinpointing your customer’s actual location, allowing you to send your items or services with extreme accuracy in record time. As a result, it contributes to the development of trust among your customers. For example, Uber enable businesses to provide accurate and timely services to their clients.

2. Relevant Offers in Real Time

Location based app development helps Companies can to send relevant promotional offers to their clients at the right time.

Such apps can assist businesses in connecting with a specific audience and reaping the benefits of localization. Companies also collect data on their consumers’ activity and develop a customized marketing strategy.

3. Enhanced User Experience

Businesses in specific industries, such as travel, can improve user experience and use engagement rates by incorporating geolocation functionality.

  • A location-based travel app, for example, can allow its users to find the route, get weather update of a particular location, and navigate to in finding local festivals or shows.
  • Similarly a delivery app can provide a better user experience by allowing a real-time product tracking facility.
  • A dating app gives location based services to the users to find partners within their preferred location and connect with each other easily within a specific distance radius.

4. Navigation and Virtual Tour

Businesses have begun to use the concept of AR with location-tracking, which results in spectacular navigation and virtual tours.

Adding geolocation functionality in location based app development, Increase conversion, and user engagement and brings new customers. Furthermore, offer high-quality data for business promotion.

Key features for location based app development:

To know how to expand business in my area, you need to have an idea about the key features of location based apps.

  • Users can mark their location and share it with others like sharing their location by Whtsapp.
  • The app should calculate the distance between the users and the object. For example, Google map can spot the user’s location and find the nearest restaurants.
  • In-app maps should display the optimized route from one spot to another like Uber shows the fastest route to the destination.

Location-based App Development Technologies:

The operating system of a mobile device is used by location-based applications to connect to satellites. The OS gives the information about the device’s location to the app. It determines the device’s movement and location by gathering and processing real-time data.

The Two components-

Geo-detecting services and maps are used in location based app development. The technologies used in two types of location based app development are as follows.

Outdoor Geo detection:  It helps in tracking outdoor locations by using Google map to find an authentic route and reach destination in a hassle-free way. It uses the technology of GPS, A-GPS, Cell ID and Wi-Fi positioning.

Indoor Geo detection: It helps in navigation inside a building or a complex or a store. It uses the technology of Geofencing, iBeacon and Eddystone.

Top location-based apps:

Top location-based apps

Some popular apps that get success using location-based app development services are as follows.

  • Navigation tool Google Maps
  • Transportation on-demand service Uber
  • Social network app Instagram
  • Chat app Snapchat
  • Dating app Tinder
  • Travel app TripAdvisor
  • Fitness tracking app Runtastic
  • Restaurants’ reviewer Yelp
  • GPS tracker Family Locator
  • Mobile gaming hit Pokémon GO

Wrap up:

Finally, location-based app development appears to be a good idea. As more people use smartphones, the need for various location-based services should rise. Perhaps you will discover a niche market and achieve huge success and become the business icon of your area by empowering location based app development.

When you are thinking about how to expand business in my area, you can also create an app for your business by providing location based services. It’ll scale up your business and you can earn more profit from it. But, make sure that, you’ve hired the best location based app development company to develop the app.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What exactly is a location-based app?

A location-based application is one that offers services to users depending on their present location.

What is the purpose of location-based app?

Location-based apps can be used for communication, information, and marketing.

How do location-based apps function?

They use specialised technologies for outdoor and indoor location tracking, such as GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, Geofencing, and so on.

What are the key features for location based app development?

  • Using the Map as the user Interface
  • Notifications
  • Information Filter
  • Personalized Suggestions
  • Reward program
  • Location-based AR

What apps make advantage of geolocation?

Geolocation can be used in a range of apps, including digital maps, weather apps, navigation apps, eCommerce apps, travel apps, recommendation and review platforms, games, and banking apps.

How to Create a GPS App?

To create a location-based app, you must first:

  • start with a feasible idea
  • find a top-notch location based app development company
  • determine important functionality
  • launch an MVP
  • collect investments and user feedback
  • and upgrade the MVP to a fully functional app

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