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Do you have a live chat option for your online business website or mobile application???

To make your business survive in this competitive world, it is imperative for you to develop your company’s smartphone application and provide an automated customer care option such as Live Chat that will meet your customer queries round the clock.

The world has witnessed a huge transformation in the tel-communication industry with the advent of Mobile Phones. A device that was initially launched as a mode of communication between people has emerged as a multitasking device catering to every minute need of human lives.

So if your business do not have the above-mentioned options, then it is high time that you start your commercial journey by launching an app asap.

The ‘Live Chat’ does have few benefits that will help you in making your business operation more efficient.  

What are the benefits of having ‘Live Chat’ option on your mobile application??

Chat Mobile Option

iconIncrease sales-

It has been observed that customers who make enquiries through chat are more likely to make purchase compared to the others. A study by American Marketing Association, shows that this feature help increase conversions by at least 20% and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams is about 300%. This is simply because, your customers have direct and instant access to your customer and sales support team, who can take the opportunity to convert the visitors into paying customers.


Improve customer service and loyalty-

You can cater to customer needs instantly and round the clock. So they do not have to leave your company site dissatisfied. It depends highly on your customer service and sale support team’s efficiency to provide exact solutions matching their query and convert them into ultimate consumer. Once they receive quality service from your end, they will stick to your brand for long and will pull in more customers for your business as well through ‘word-of-mouth’.


Discover customer pain points-

The traditional customer support systems via such as email or phone calls, it was difficult, at times,  to know the pain points of your customers because they were heard or received by one team or individual. However, this particular option, allows administrators and supervisors have access to all chat histories, thereby immediately provide effective problem resolving solutions to them.


Customer convenience-

Today customers prefer doing their shopping or making purchase while they are traveling and they prefer online shopping more to paying physical visit to your shop until it is required. If they are stuck on a particular point, they can easily chat with your customer service to sort out their issue. If satisfied, they can make purchase decision instantly. It is all about customer convenience.


Competitive advantages-

You have to remember one important point which is you are not the only person who is running a business or offering any unique service. There are other players in the game as well. There is a fair chance that even they have the similar chat option imbibed into their app or website. So how can you get a competitive edge over your competitors??Make sure that your chat responses are not anything like a beforehand copy paste script. Try to breathe a personalized touch to the quick and crisp response. Also, make sure that your that your responses aptly answers their queries.


Expand market reach-

Do not expect your customer to walk unto your office to check out the goods put up for sale. Extensive advertising often does not help to expand your market reach. Customers, today, prefer those companies to which they have quick and easy access. Again, just having a website is not the end solution. No doubt you will get viewers across the globe. But it is not a necessity that they will place orders on your site just like that. However, the live chat function allows customers, irrespective of their physical location, contact you instantly and make inquiries or arrange purchases.

Live chat help expand the market reach to areas you may never have considered possible.


Reports and analytic-

This is a perfect tool to gather important and real-time data and information about your prospective customer while chatting on ‘Live Chat’. What kind of service, your potential customer expects out of your business? Or information like their individual taste and purchase behavior etc. all these data are crucial for the proper running of your operation and you have an easy access to such infos via this option.


Reduce expenses-

To implement the particular option to your website or application does not take much time or shedding of your few notes. However, it can serve as a perfect tool to reduce your customer care cost. Customers prefer to engage in live conversation rather than calling a customer care or dialing a toll-free number. The cost per interaction of live chat and the time taken per chat is lower compared to making a phone call or replying by email. Businesses also witness huge cost reductions over time due to improvements in efficiency by agents handling multiple chat conversations, using per-written responses, directing customers to web pages, etc

Summing Up

As per Microsoft Corporation, 97% of consumers say customer service is important in their choice of and/or loyalty to, a brand.”

This is something you wish for your business operation i.e to have a long train of loyal customers. Brand loyalty is a direct key to your success cause your loyal customers will never leave your brand if they are properly served and will pull in new customers as well.

Now, you realize the importance of including a Chat feature on your application to offer quality customer service. After all, ‘Customer is God’ as per a popular Japanese proverb.

Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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