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Instagram is unique; in a way, no other social media platform can be. When using Instagram, it is all about connecting to the world with the help of beautiful imagery and immersive videos of the highest quality. Ever since the increase in popularity and the global user numbers, advertisers, as well as marketing experts, are using Instagram as the go-to platform for sharing stories, inspiring customers and generating sales through actual leads. This works very well for the automotive and car industries since through Instagram, and you can share passions, ideas, projects, and build relationships on a global scale. With the number of auto enthusiasts and car shoppers on the rise, the only way our experts see is up. 

IOT App development in USA iconThe current scenario


The fact of the matter is that, when our team of experts looked through Instagram for gleaning insights, we found that the social media platform has integrated and evolved itself into the essential platform for every kind of business and ventures to connect with their niche audience. This is the same for clothes, music as well as the cars that are the most popular choices. There are millions of car users and automobile enthusiasts globally; the number of new car owners is on the rise as well, so in such a scenario, jumping on the Instagram advertisement and connection bandwagon is indeed the way to go if you are looking for brand visibility and a sure-fire way to stand away from the crowd. 


iconHow significant is the visual content for the automobile industry?


Well, to be correct, the importance of visual content is not just for the automobile industry. What you need to understand is that visual content and its influence has increased ever since we have ushered in this new technological and mobile world. Keeping that in mind, Instagram is the entirely natural progression where an ideal platform is already installed in millions of phones and tablets, which can be leveraged to publish content and quite regularly.

So, if you are in the automotive industry, Instagram is your platform for sharing your unique content consistently to generate leads and sales. You can also connect to users from different walks of life and demographics. 


iconHow are automobile giants using Instagram?


Auto marketers have always employed a visual medium for garnering followers and customers. But traditionally, it was all about print and TV media for advertising purposes and connecting with the audience base. That alone affected inspiring users to purchase a vehicle. However, with Instagram coming to the forefront and becoming the lead player, the entire ad experience has rearranged and reimagined itself into something better and fresher. It is all about the immersive ways to present and market content that includes feed, live vlogs, and stories to reach the right demographic all across the world. 


iconSharing the journey


Every car manufacturer and automobile industrialist has its journey. And, Instagram allows you to share your journey, your ideology, products, and services with the users. There are some truly inspiring stories about ad recall lifts when Instagram was utilized correctly for advertisement purposes. Keep in mind that there are popular hashtags to follow like #carswithoutlimits2 that is for car enthusiasts as well as car users. Distinguishing the two sets of users on Instagram is essential as it will allow you to craft a bespoke ad campaign that will highlight the joy of car-rides along with the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art vehicle.


iconAbout videos


Keep in mind that Instagram is all about storytelling. And the best way to bring a story to life is through videography. Here is an expert estimate for you; by the end of 2020, 75% of the content is going to be video files almost exclusively. According to experts from automobile companies, in-depth videos and vlogs allow a user to make some of the more informed and better decisions when it comes to making a new purchase. And, this is where automobile companies are spending their top dollar to research and develop better ways to include videos and information on their Instagram accounts over the traditional ad industry. 


iconYou get to be the driving force


As stated in the previous section, most of the top-dollar automobile brands and car manufacturers are spending a fortune on developing ad campaigns for Instagram. This shift is in part due to a large number of audiences that Instagram commands. And, it is quite natural to utilize this vast pool of potential sales points. This shift in perspective is what you can use to your advantage and be the driving force of your team to brainstorm and research ad campaigns that bring out what your company stands for, along with earning revenue that wasn’t possible before through the traditional modes of marketing. There are several success stories to share, and that is all the inspiration you will ever need. 


Now that you know why Instagram is crucial for any successful automobile company all that is left for you is to work with likes on Instagram along with followers to give your concern the much-needed boost. 


iconSelect your social-based channels 


Try not to plan to be on every informal organization, some will be more pertinent to your business than others. All the more significantly, to augment your results on a social stage, you have to concentrate unequivocally on only it. Pick as your essential interpersonal organization the one that best accommodates your purpose behind being via web-based networking media in any case. 


On this essential social channel, you will completely upgrade every one of your configurations, you will manufacture your span, and you will figure out how to connect with your crowd. There might be other significant informal organizations that you will include as auxiliary systems. These auxiliary channels will have a lesser need in your procedure however will profit by the substance and the arranging you made for your essential channel. 


Your essential online networking channel is the place your crowd is the most present and where your business correspondence can have the best effect. You have to investigate crowd information and channel attributes for every social stage before you decide. 


• Advertising stages: One of the best places to discover crowd information is in the promoting area of the web-based life stages. You don’t need to publicize to take a gander at the information, so investigate it openly. 


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• What social stage is significant for your business: Depending on your business type, the most important stages are frequently LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for organizations. Try not to disregard Google My Business also. Now and again, Pinterest and Instagram bode well as well. Be that as it may, the internet-based life scene continues changing, so there are no set guidelines.


iconCharacterize your intended interest audience


The absolute initial phase in the process is to characterize whom you are meaning to reach. You can utilize a segmented approach, to portray your objective as far as age, sexual orientation, calling, salary. You can also utilize a psychographic approach, to characterize the interests, inspirations, fears, and imperatives of your target. 


The most ideal approach to characterize an intended interest group for internet-based life is by utilizing personas. Personas are generalization portrayals of key sections of your intended interest audience, which you make unmistakable by giving them a name and giving a photo or a visual representation. 


The accumulated audience looks into from both inside and outer sources. Some quantitative research will be valuable to figure out the size of the crowd sections, however you can likewise utilize internet based life stages to investigate crowd sizes. Setting up a workshop with agents from deals, showcasing, and customer administrations is an incredible method to construct important personas. 


• Audience bits of knowledge: Go into the Advertisements Administrator on Facebook and pick Crowd bits of knowledge. Through the design of geology, demography, and interests, Facebook gauges the size of a crowd of people and portrays the attributes of that fragment. 


• Customer administrations: Give an uncommon spot to customer administration experts in your venture. They know the best and the most noticeably awful sides of your crowds and can give valuable understanding to your personas.



An online marketing technique that can be figured in one line is incredible; however, on the off chance that it doesn’t contain the profundity remembered for the six stages above, it is in danger of being only a fantasy. As opposed to picking your social channels based on close to personal preference, you truly need to place yourself in the shoes of your intended interest audience. 


What’s more, the decision of web-based channels influences the measurements you can follow and the mechanization you can perform. Regardless of whether you expect to run your online life in-house or request a web-based life proposition from an office, going through these six stages to set up a strong internet-based life procedure is foremost to your web-based life achievement.


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Barrack Diego is a content developer and online marketing guru. Having worked at SEO expert company for the last three years, He also advises to help with likes on instagram base and share effective SEO tips, strategies, and the latest developments and sure-shot strategies people can take to climb SERP rankings.

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