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You have been working really hard all this year and it’s time to celebrate New Year. 2017 has made sure that our life is nothing without electronics; mobile app development and internet so might as well make the best of it and figure out to enjoy this festive week to work hard the next year. There are ample of applications that you know of and the ones you don’t know.

Now below is the list of applications that can make your new years go from wow to woohoo!

Everyone has their style of spending a new year. Few like to be with their families, few on the other hand party hard late night,  few just like to jump into their cozy bed and watch a movie and few like to camp. You do whatever you feel like on the New Years Eve but the preparation is already started and even if you disagree deep down you know you have started.

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Let’s check out some useful application based preparation…

Install the party application

party mobile app

Not everyone likes to dance on top of the music so for those sattle lads the only suggestion is try playing home with no probes and just your  Smartphone and avoid the work talk to just smile a little more than the previous year. House parties can be really fun and let’s check out some house party games you can play.

1. Heads up:
This application is actually very interesting and comes from the traditional dumb charades where you can go on and on with multiple categories and play in groups. For the one who wins can be given a prize, there has to be a prize arranged by the host, come-on we can do that its New Years and good gesture.

2. Truth or Dare:
Everyone is aware of the truth and dare game but if you are at a random party and getting bored just suggest the truth and dare game and see people unfold that can be fun. The questions are already in the game so it isn’t just personal and the best part of this application is there are categories for every age group so just select yours and make the boring party interesting.

3.  Karaoke apps:
Now karaoke is another fun game to play if you love to listen to music and sing with your friends just click on your app store or play store to install it and use it in the house party that you crash, make videos and have your friends overseas comment on it.

Book a dinner date

It’s sometimes sensible to go to dinner with your loved one instead of partying out with friends. If you don’t want the last dinner of your life to be a disappointment better prepare a little for the expenses. Go for online table booking applications and book the perfect meal for yourself right from the starters to desserts. The mobile application development companies made sure to meet the needs of people you don’t like to wait up for long to have a perfect dinner after working so hard for the entire day. These applications not only get a reservation in your favorite restaurant but also get your online wallet filled with unlimited cash-backs, discounts, and offers. Check out the following reservation applications.

1. Dine out:
2. I know the chef:
3. Reserve
4. Top Top
5. Tock
It’s better to book a table well before in advance than wishing yourself at new years with a bad word while waiting for your table to get ready.

Be Selfish:

There are few people who don’t care about who is coming to town and what party is going to have the best celebrities. If you are a getting cozy kind of a person just let the online streaming applications save your favorite show or movie and spend the night with yourself. Order your favorite cuisine and write down all the things you want to accomplish or go crazy on in the coming year.

Outstation celebrations

Celebrating your New Year outstation can be another option if you just want to be away for the weekend but the arrangements required for the celebrations should not be your headache. Now event booking applications are not that widely spread all over the world like the other applications. So what one can do is that book an event ticket alongside the application that supports the event and gives the tickets as discounts. The taxi booking app keeps advertising the events around you so might as well redirect yourself to their websites and get yourself perfect new years even if its outstation. The other happening place to be on New Year’s is at the top of the mountain and an adventure lover can just go camping with applications like a book my show and goibibo.

Pick an Outfit

Hello girls! Don’t go for the YouTube videos that tell you to avoid shopping and make a party outfit using the old clothing and accessories. Now I am not saying they aren’t useful but it doesn’t really turn out to be exactly how it looks. Black is by far the easiest party outfit to choose but not when you have multiple black styles from different brands and don’t forget to match a decent pair of boots because you want to enjoy the evening and not just freeze yourself.So first thing is first scrolling the online shopping application on your phone and find the best outfit for yourself that suits your New Year plans. Guys!!! Don’t feel ignorant you can shop to nobody is going to judge you after all you need clothes for your fun night.

Last words:

Pack your bags, get dressed, book a table and just end this year on a nice note. These online booking apps are your gateway for a happening night before you enter the New Year. The future situations are for no one to predict but you can spend the countdown for New Year’s Eve as planned by you. If you don’t want to agree with all your friends while planning for New Year’s might as well sneak out with few of your dear ones and spend the evening with the best company.

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