Few years ago when mobile phones were still in their period of infancy people used to access internet with on their desktop. The main reason was that mobile phones were not as mature as today. The primary tasks handled by mobile phones were making calls, messaging, and antique games.

From the evolution to revolution of the mobile devices then proceeds further with mobile apps. The ultimate credit which brought dramatic revolutions are touch screen, high-speed internet, social-media engagement etc. These revolutions are further bifurcated into iOS and Android Development. Mobile operating system are transforming with an updated version irrespective of the platform it is meant to build for. But according to the statistics, android application has covered 83% of the domain.

Although android developers are catered with the maximum number of the opportunities. But opportunities and challenges go hand-in-hand.

Incompatibility due to UI Problem

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Android does not follow a common UI process while mobile application development. This is one of the major problem with Android app developers. By using view and ViewGroup objects. View is defined as an object that draws on the interface that user can use it interact with. Whereas ViewGroup is to delineate the layout of the screen that holds other objects of View. Android developers provides UI modules for specific interfaces such as notifications, dialogues etc. Till date Google has introduced it’s a common interface that needs to be followed. It leads to create different interface as the original equipment manufacturer created its own interface. It creates trouble for being compatible with few devices. So, it has to be kept in the mind that developers and designers has to build- up an application with responsive layout.

Software fragmentation Issue

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Slow pace of android adoption is one of the troubles in Android versions. Fragmentation is that Android users are not accessed with the latest technology. It’s all about the greatest bugs and security updates. This means that developers can’t focus on the latest version of the OS as everyone has not upgraded its device. According to the survey approximately 1.2 percent of the devices run on the Android Marshmellow, 35%on Lollipop, 36% run Kitkat and still rest of the consumers are running other version. Since manufacturers play a key role in configuration of device so it is quite difficult for the Android app developer to take steps in solving software upgradation issue.

Security issues

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Due to the hardware and software fragmentation which is responsible to further intensify the security troubles. Due to the lack of hardware and software standardisation which give rise to Android Security Flaws. There are various securities flaws like QuadRooter Vulnerabilities, “Stagefright”MMS flaw, Android FakeID flaw and Android Installer hijacking, this is due to the lack of governance.

Issue related to Patent


Apple’s strict governance is marked by dissimilarity when no such governance available in Android Apps. The main reason is due to the fact of lack of quality check rules while uploading apps in Google Play Store.

Vulnerable Android search Engine


There are millions of apps in its marketplace and getting your app a considerable position is quite challenging. So, in case if the developer doesn’t seem serious enough in promoting it, then you would certainly blow out of the plan permanently.


Android has flourished the most in the marketplace. There are lot many opportunities which circuitously give rise to the challenges. These challenges are faced by Android app developer. If you are aware of any other challenges, then Please contact us in Fluper. It is the leading and most promising Web and mobile designing and app development organisation in Noida, India which is catering authentic services across the globe.

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