App development can give developers nightmares. But, if your mobile app still doesn’t get the targeted number of downloads, what use are those sleepless nights? Only a mere 2% apps get more than 54% share of the downloads. It’s a bleak number but if they can you can too. What is needed here is just the right strategies to market your product and to make sure it resonates with the targeted audience.

It is critical to analyse what is good for your app and what is not and then accordingly decide which strategy to apply. Anyhow, we mention some of the most effective strategies to market your iOS application.

Strong Foundation

A building will be as strong as its foundation; a new customer has a very short attention span but strong grasping power. Keeping that in mind, if you’re able to utilise this best, it will be a cakewalk. Else, what do they say? If it is a walk through, you blew it!

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  • User Experience ( UX/UXD)


A smooth on-boarding process and easy navigation provide the user with the best experience. Your app should be easy to use from the very first seconds (you won’t get much more attention than that).

Try creating an app that is easily understood, available in a number of languages and across all geographic profiles. This increases your reach by many folds.

Hire professional UX/UI experts to provide you with the best advice.

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  • Design


First impression is the impression and this principle abides by in all situations. If your app is appealing and aesthetic, it will pull people just on its design.

Small things like how things move, how your app switches between pages and how much space is occupied by all sections play a huge role in making a difference.

Impressive Ideation

An idea lasts longer than its sources. Create content that sets an example. Even if your app isn’t much appealing, but is useful to the users for its innovative idea and content, then obviously you score brownie points.

Create an app that provides utility to people, and you know they won’t be able to function without it. For that, you look at the market trends – see what’s popular and review their strategy; what you can offer and what can you improve in your existing app.

If there are a lot of apps similar to yours, then it can mean two things:

  • You are on the right track and your idea appeals to the public.
  • But, if there are many apps like yours that means more choices to the users – so how do you make your app distinguishable?

It is up to you to decide if you can make a better app than them, make it slightly different or market your app better. If, on the other hand, there are no apps like yours or they aren’t that popular, you should reconsider your idea.

Right Name

Could be the most undermined task, but choosing the right name is as essential as any other. Apple allows you to have 255 characters in your app name, but that doesn’t mean that you should use them all. The following can help you get the name right :  

  • The name should be appealing but at the same time should be self-explanatory.
  • There shouldn’t be a story in your name.
  • It should be short and catchy with a small description of maximum 3-4 words to go along with it.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be too common that several people are fighting for it. Also, it should be versatile enough to work in the future as well. For example, some people create their email accounts when they were young and put that year’s date in it. Similar analogy applies to names as well-it becomes non-functional in the future. Finally, check out for apps with similar ones – you really don’t want to get involved in copyright violations.

When submitting your iOS app, you’ll also need an “extended name” – Your app name and a few keywords (like a condensed tagline) to make it clear what your app is about.

Strong Online presence  

Even before you launch your product, it is essential to create a buzz around. When you launch your app, you now have 30,000 followers that you can show your new app to. This may or may not lead to a lot of downloads, but it is undoubtedly better than starting from zero.

So, how do you do that?

Social media connects a billion lives today across all countries and cities. That’s certainly a good start.

  • Facebook

With over a billion users, it promises to provide a platform like none other. Create your own page, start campaigns involving people at every step, join various other groups where tech-geeks tend to come to pique their interest.

  • Twitter

There was a time when only birds used to tweet. But with twitter, one has access to news from all around the world and new technology as and how they come.

  • Instagram

A picture speaks a thousand words – market your product with interesting pictures creating suspense around your product.

Monetisation Model

Money can be a huge motivator to success and hard work. So, when your app does well, why not use it earn money?

Before we dive into the revenue models, not all apps out there want to make money. So when you are researching other apps, keep this in mind. A successful app may not be monetizing as well as it could be, for those reasons. So be wary of emulating an app that has different goals. There are various ways by which one can earn money through apps. One should be aware about the requirements and goals of their app, only then will they be able to select the right model for themselves.

If your app is paid, make sure to set a reasonable price for it. Setting a very high price in the beginning without analyzing market trends can be a huge risk.

Also, is your hard work paying off? Or is your app generating enough revenue to help cover your ROI. At the end, remember to stay conservative in your projections. We know that you love your app, but your success depends on using reasonable estimates.

Review Mining

Customer feedback could well be the biggest key to success. Reading reviews on other gives you an idea of what customers want and what is missing. This will help you to incorporate all those missing gaps in your gap and create a user experience like none other.

The best way to get started is to read the one and five-star reviews. This is a gold mine of information because it tells you exactly what people love and hate about other apps.

People may be asking for a feature, but if app developers aren’t monitoring reviews in their niche, they are missing out on a golden opportunity. The next killer feature in your niche could be right under your nose!


iOS apps with their amazing features create the best platform to work in for a developer. Therefore such a benefit should be taken advantage of – one should market an app in such a way that it reaches its targeted audience with smart tactics. Fluper has ventured into this domain by creating iOS apps for various companies and is already one of the best. Watch this space for more upcoming advances in technology and innovative content.   

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