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When it comes to discussing “which one is the better one?” there are only quite a few things that’ll come up to our minds in the first place. One of them is the rivalry between operating systems introduced by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.
Quite recently Apple introduced its iOS 13 and Google introduced its Android Q. This left all app development companies to decide which one of them is the better one in 2019. For instance, we, being an iOS app development company itself had the same scenario when iOS 12 and Android P was introduced.
So, it’s that time of the year where we need to make these two giants face each other and let’s just see what will happen. Who’ll win and who will be the one to taste dirt.
But, before jumping right onto that, it is quite necessary for us to know what features they offer. Here is what’ new in iOS 13 and Android Q –

Android Q Features

Foldable Phone Support

Multi-Resume Feature

Vulkan API For UI Rendering

Enhanced Treble Support

Dark Mode

Better Smart Locks

Native Screen Recording

Seamless Notification Access

Sharing Shortcuts

Android Q Features at a Glance

Honestly, Google announced so many features that it is nearly impossible for us to enlist and explain them altogether. So, we are just going to look at some of the crucial ones.

icon Support for Foldable Phones

With the introduction of foldable phones this year, there are a handful of OEMs that have taken the lead to explore the foldable smartphone market further. And with manufacturers taking the lead, Google had to do the same. The result; we’ve got a dedicated feature that can support foldable devices.

icon  Multi-Resume Functionality

Android Q is reported to have an upgraded version of PiP mode and Split Screen. It is basically a feature that will allow users to work around all the split screens in an active mode. Which means the apps working in the background will no longer go on sleep mode.

iconVulkan API

If you are not app developer, then you may have never heard of Vulkan API. Android Q is expected to use this API to deliver the amazing user experience.

iconTreble Support

Currently, Google is working on making Treble compatibility within Android Q. This would help users to use flash GSI on devices running on Android Q – it is something that would promise a lot faster system update.

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iconDark Mode

This is one of the similarities that we’ll be seeing on both of these platforms. Dark mode makes the UI more attractive and on top of that it saves up battery consumption while keeping the whole experience very easy on the eyes.

iconBetter Smart Locks

Until now smart locks were only limited to Pixel device users. But now with Q’s introduction, all Android devices will be having this feature. There are multiple situations where this feature comes in handy.

iconWhen the device is in physical contact with your body

iconWhen the smartphone is in a trusted location

iconWhen it is connected to a trusted Bluetooth device

icon When the device recognizes your face and voice

iconScreen Recorder

Android Q will be giving its users the ability to record their screens with which they would be able to capture what is happening on their device in a video format. Other than that, it’ll allow the user to use the voice-over functionality to speak while they capture.

iconSeamless Notification

All the Android users will be witnessing a change in the notifications department. As an update, the notifications won’t be fading away until you take action on them.

iconNew Sharing Shortcuts

With Android Q you can share files easily without any hassle. The sharing shortcut feature would enable users to switch to another application for sharing media, otherwise, we had to perform multiple steps just to share a file.

So, these were some of the most crucial elements of Android Q which you’ll find somewhat of a breakthrough for what we are using today. However, you need to know for the fact that these are only those features which we found quite amazing and they can vary, which totally depends upon the user.

iOS 13 Features

System-Wide Dark Mode

Revamped Photos App

Sign In With Apple Option

Location Data Limits

 Look Around View In Maps

New Reminders App

New Siri Voice

iOS 13 Features at a Glance

iconSystem-wide Dark Mode

Optimization has always been Apple’s top priority, and this time as well they did the same thing. With iOS 13 all the hues will be changed from white and light grey to dark grey and black on the supported applications. This feature would be great for those wish to use their devices in the night.

iconImproved Photos App

With an improved interface and performance of Apple’s photos app, we’ll be witnessing a fresh new war in this iOS versus Android debate. From now onwards, you’ll be able to curate your complete photo library while showcasing highlights of your time. Moreover, the built-in photo editing tool has also been made a lot easier with new functionalities.

iconSign In with Apple option

In iOS 13 you’ll be getting an all-new sign in with Apple feature that’ll give you a data safe way for signing into websites and applications. Your Apple ID will be used to authenticate the account through Face or Touch ID.
Other than that, Apple is also known to be working on single-use random email ids so that you don’t have to share your addresses with an app again.

iconLocation Data Limits

New controls are being introduced in the iOS market for limiting the data which are shared with applications. It is basically a way to keep a user’s privacy confidential at all times. Now, you just have to give access to those apps which require your location for once only.

iconRevamped Apple Maps

The iOS 13 maps app will be having bigger road coverage, very detailed landcover, and precise addresses. Along with that, you will also get a street-level image of the city with a collection feature that would allow you to share places and restaurants with friends.

iconNew Reminders App

There will be a new and improved reminders app with new intelligent features that’ll make this app reliable and more useful. The app will make it a lot easier to keep the track of reminders along with giving the users some new tools for adding dates, time, flags, locations, and so many other things.

iconNew Siri Updates

In iOS 13, you’ll be hearing a completely new voice which apparently sounds more natural than before. Along with that, a new “suggested automation feature” which will suggest you personalized shortcuts which you’d like to create. Other than that, Siri will now support Live Radio with access to radio.com, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

On What Grounds, Which One Is The Better One?

Now let’s run somewhat of analysis to see who wins the debate of this year.

iconPrivacy Focus

Rather than just relying on user’s data, Apple’s focus has remained on apps, services, and hardware. So, no matter how much Google promises that Android Q will give users greater control on what gets shared; it is hard to digest as they have to rely on user’s data to make things work out better.
Winner: iOS 13

iconDark Mode

We all know for the fact that dark mode was first introduced in Android P and Google wants to pass around the functionality evenly across the whole OS. However, Apple on the other hand first introduced a dark theme on MacOS Mojave back in 2018 and this time they have launched it on iOS 13.
Winner: iOS 13

iconVoice Assistants

It is a fact that Google Assistant is hands down the best voice assistant in the market right now. We are not downgrading Siri, but we all know that Siri is not even half as good in identifying voices and commands. All this adds to the fact, Google works perfectly when it comes down to taking actions according to the command.
Winner: Android Q

iconCapturing and Sharing Photos

Google photos for Android, is the only thing that you want. The app is a mixture of great editing tools, effortless photo sharing and convenient backup. While on the other hand, with iOS 13’s photo app, you are getting greater range of editing tools, yet it is lagging behind in the aspects of sharing and storage.
Winner: Android Q

So here we are that’s it from our side in this decision, now it’s your turn to do some research and hopefully, you’ll find which one is the better one: iOS 13 or Android Q.

Final Thoughts

In this era, every single business is looking forward in making its own. And if you want to make one too, then you have to rely on a company which has both experience and work. In that case, feel free to contact Fluper, we being an app development company would love to help you out.

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